Tuesday, 14 January 2014

The Imperfections

That moment when you are just tired. Tired of trying again.

People say never give up because who knows if you are going to succeed the next time you try? although I really agree, but in another sense, I disagree.

If you keep doing the wrong thing over and over again and expect it to be right. You are just plainly wasting time and energy and of course all your effort.

If you really are determined to succeed in doing something that you had been yearning for. Do it in the right way. Why keep repeating those mistakes over and over, making your life and people around you life hard.

Sometimes, all you need is some encouragement. That is why I think that all people should have some nice words in their mouth. But mm, some people just do not have it.
They say things to bring you down and make you upset. Making your life difficult and distracted. I said this a billion times so lets move on.

No matter how good you are, how perfect you are, how tall, how skinny, there is still going to be someone that doesn't like you. And definitely you cannot force someone to like you when they obviously don't.

Let me tell you, leave those people alone. For me, I wait for them to come and know me. Get to know me. There is no point telling them what kind of person I am, it is for you all to judge me. I am pretty sure I am not a bad person.

Rather being called an hypocrite where I do not possess the qualities I mention. Why not you put those quality on me?

" I dislike this person because my friend do not like him/her." OH MY GOD. Stop the childishness. You do not know the person on your own point of view at all, right?

Just because your brain is fluctuated with all the negative comments about this person, YOU started hating on someone that you do not really even know.

It is pretty hard to control because the people around you always talks about it, and you might be afraid that you are going to be " left out " if you do not do so.

Do not worry about that okay.. I am human too, I do have people whom I am not really happy with nor fancy to be with. But I will never force my bff to talk bad about her behind her back.

All those, are just purely drama. Drama that you see now, in the working life, or rather until you die. This type of things, just sometimes make me tired of trying and I am a little losing hope as compared to last time where I would try to make things go the right way. I will try and " explain " myself.

Which I found out that it never did work at all. It sometimes just make situation worse because people might think you are doing so much just to cover for yourself.

I do not know how many times I have to say this to all of you out there because I really want to re-emphasis that nobody is perfect. NOBODY. Get this inside your brain girls and guys.

This is not ending. I will continue soon but it's just an update where another resource to set you thinking.

Good Luck x

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