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Wearing Flip-Flops to Town // Beautiful Singapore

Hey guys, finally I have time to just sit down and type for the longest time I want to. Although I just woke up, have not washed up or anything yet, BUT HEY, don't judge me. I just like to do this early in the morning.

So, I thought it will be cool to share my opinions I saw and looked around in Singapore or rather in everywhere.

The first thing, YOU YOU YOU YOU, I bet you did this before but it is annoying the crap out of me. here comes the topic ZOOOP.


I have this nerve in my system where I honestly cannot stand people wearing those FLIP-FLOPs to town. Scandals are okay but flip flop.... oh god I do not know how many times I have saw it. It is countless. People are doing this.

Don't they have other shoes, or rather.. wait, WHY DO PEOPLE EVEN WEAR THEM TO TOWN. Unless you tell me it was unplanned and before that you just wanted to go down to buy some groceries. Which made no sense to me at all.

Since you know you are going to town, why not dress up a little bit. Plan your outfits and shoes and bags. I see so many people in twitter saying they bought a really nice dress, or shirt, or anything and they said they have not gotten any chance to wear them.

I mean, since you are already going to town or wherever, can be just a family dinner or a date with you boy/girl friend, or it can just be you yourself going for a pampering session. ANYTHING YOU CAN THINK OF. You can wear whatever you want.

Wear that nice dress, wear that sky scrapers, wear that boots, wear that shirt, WEAR IT. Like we all know, there is no promise tomorrow. Who knows you will just die in your sleep and not wake anymore to wear that. YOLO, by all means. Not telling you to wear your underwear and running around though.

You can take it as, you overdressed, or THE REST of the people underdressed. Because Singapore is such a small country, where you can travel to our "town" in 1.5 h at most. People don't really care about what they wore anyways, because " town " is just next to my house.

This type of people, I clap for you. Go burn all your clothes, wait. DO NOT BURN YOUR CLOTHES. Donate them! If you don't wear them anymore or the size doesn't fit, donate them. By doing this, you are helping people out there too~

Here comes the most irritating thing I have ever seen.

This girl, her hair is so perfect, her fashion is the most wonderful thing, and she did her makeup and nails, and she was carrying a Prada bag. BUT THE MOMENT I LOOKED DOWN TO HER FEET. Damn girl, she was wearing flip-flops.


check out "IISuperwomanII" on youtube if you have not~

I was stunned for a moment and I walked away.

As much as I dislike people who "under-dress" ( in my opinion ). whenever I go to a gathering or what. People always tell me I over-dressed. Or did I not? In my point, there is nobody who over-dresses. There are only people who under-dress.

SO hello hello baby you called I can't hear a thing. ok joke. GIRL, wear that damn effing gold studded, laced lulu dress. Don't keep it for a special occasion, because today is special. <3

I have a OOTD to share with you guys.

I wore this to a high tea at Equinox.

 The place was still as stunning as it is, the view is like ohhhhhh myyyyy gooooodddd. ok.

I got this top from double H. It reads " A starry night in London".

This tights or leggings from H&M~ I HAVE BEEN CRAZILY OBSESSED WITH LEGGINGS OK. I wear them a lot like only recently. It is a new finding for me okay~

Shoes are from ~ when I wear this boots, with the leggings, just feel that my legs are stretched super long and it looks kind of skinnier in a way.

I am wearing 2 rings, 1 mid ring and 1 one my ring finger, mid ring is from a place in Wisma called the green petals i guess. and the other is from H&M.

Lipstick is Royale by Dior. It's a classic red lipstick, I just have a light coat and I put LOADS OF VASELINE.

The view of Singapore~

Thank you all for reading this.. I will try and blog again real soon. Im still not done with my homework. I suck hais.

Good luck x

a mini montage of 2013~ credits to!

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