Saturday, 18 January 2014

What Guys Want..

Yeap, this is it. Girls gonna hate me for this, but I just got to say it. This is dedicated to guys out there. Just for today, I am going to take out my female hormones and do this. Because I realised that there is just so much commotion out there.

1. Compliment him

I mean like, as girls, we like compliments and we often... wait, always forget that the guys are also humans. As just being humans, we like compliments. So why not just a day, say, you look really good in this, or you're really handsome.

Because he probably spent 1hour at the salon trying to get his hair done, went shopping to get nice and appropriate new shirt, cut his nails, showered for 2hours, bought you flowers and put on a nice cologne and the first thing he get was " BABE, DOES THIS DRESS MAKE ME LOOK FAT?"   STOP, girl, you got to stop that. Is that dress going to make you fat is not making him stop liking you for who you are. But if he does. Leave him.

Stop asking stupid questions like, is my hair okay, is my shoe matching, why didn't you wear the shirt I gave you, Why WHY WHY WHY WHY. Stop it. You got to get control of that.

2. Do not try to change him

Its just another stupid action. If your boyfriend ever tries to change you, you are just going to be there like crazy and try to be sent out all the statement that they should love you for who you are. So twist it. He is the same.

Let him have his bro time, let him go out to play pool, let him game however he wants. I am sure you do not want your guy to be like " Don't go shopping, Don't go out with guys at all" Its just matter of trust. But of course like I said, If he breaks it. You do whatever you want to. Break up, slap him, ditch him, scold the living crap out of him. Do it.

But still back to the point, If he really does love you, he won't do that for the sake of happiness at once. So, embrace what you have.

3. Don't be a control freak

omg, I do not know how much I have to re-enforce this. DISCLAIMER : I did not say let loose of him completely, but still, you got to let go of him some time to let him has his own fun.

Like I said, let him out for his night out with his boys. Here comes the point, DO NOT SAY YOU WANT TO FOLLOW HIM. NO, its just not right, just imagine him following you everywhere even when you go shopping or when you are having girl talks. Stop. This has to stop. I mean like it is just not right to do that ok. Let him have his personal time too. Don't do that. Its kind of nasty.

4. Give some trust.

GUYS DO NOT LIKE GIRLS WHO NEEDS CONSTANT REASSURENCE. okay, okay. Imagine for every 5 freaking seconds a text message comes into your damn phone asking where are you, don't be blowing up his phones. Imagine him going all crazy when he has a pimple and ask you will you still love him.

We are so SELFISH. I mean like, we can do all this and guys had to endure all of this crap. Get over it bitches, We are just so selfish. Freaking selfish. I know, we all need securities and sometime we drove out to the line and we cant get that feeling back. Just gently ask for it and NOT PMS ALL OVER THE PLACE.

I have this problem, I get really insecure, but I always have his hoodie around me, just in case, just in case,,

5. Do what you want to get.

You want a massage, You better massage him. You want him to hold the door for you, You better hold the door for him too. You want him to do this, You better do it too. You want him to get you gifts, Get him some.

We are just such hypocrites that we want something but we do not want to do it. DO IT. I mean like. Do it, and so you truly appreciate of what he do because he put in the same amount of efforts in it.

SO, just get along with people. Don't always assume things are going to be in a certain way.

Guys and Girls are just the same thing. Just that they do not make a fucking big chaos over it.

Just a quote I had been loving.

Good luck x
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