Sunday, 23 February 2014

❤ Being Stronger ❤

All things have an ending. No matter if its friendship, relationship, or maybe parents.

Because life is a b*tch, it takes away things that we want the most. But have you ever wondered, that you are going to be stronger afterall.

I have been having thoughts about this. Because recently one of my friends, I do not want to mention who, had some relationship problems.
Girls tend to be more sentimental so I have a more rich feeling towards how he felt.

Didn't felt good in any way.

It just felt overwhelming. Because it is all happening in such a unexpected timing, unexpected duration.

Because you never thought of leaving, but it happened.


I experienced it before obviously.

If not I will not be saying this in such a casual form.

Because I understand how much it hurts, how much it has an impact on our daily life.

Seeing certain things remind me of so and so person made me felt sad. It is always this way.

As humans, like I said 1 zillion times, we all have feelings and sometimes the feelings overpower what our brain tells us to do. Because you are too " feeling-riched " to do anything.

People say, stay strong, forget about that person, don't care about him or her anymore.

Those words come out easy but you must understand how hard and painful it is to let go of someone whom you never thought was ever leaving you.

Sometimes, being strong isnt all that good. Because you act like you can cross over any mountain, but in the sad fact you are still at the starting point.

 Because you are strong people assume you could get over it yourself but trust me, everyone, YOU and you and you and you you you you you. Out there, you all are weak, do not try and stop me from saying this because you know at certain point of your life, you are really broken but no one came to rescue  you.

Its okay to cry.

it does not mean that you are weak.

Its okay to be angry

We all have feelings

Its okay to be weak.

Because we are born like this.

Its okay to be down

But remember to stand up

Just a little reminder, that I will always be here. I love reading your emails, your thoughts.

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Someone is loving you. So don't stop radiating love, and love yourself.

I love you x

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