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Chinese New Year 2014

Can't believe I am only doing it now when everyone already done so!

Finally, all the things you guys are interested in!


I am getting pretty pumped up to share about my reunion dinner and my 2 CNY days. There will be a lot of pictures, I mean like, more than what I would usually share so of course to me it is a lot. Still hope you guys do not mind because I want to faster do this for all of you !!

So, on the day for reunion dinner, my school orchestra had performance so I shall share some pix~

I would say for every performance I will be pretty high and pretty happy all the time so I am super hyper and super pumped and ready for CNY at that point of time, singing to the melodies of Chinese New Year songs make me really happy. Esp it is the last performance together with my dearest seniors so, I wanted it to be extra special and fun <3

SO, lets start on my reunion dinner. Every year my family reunion dinner is held at my house because my dad is the eldest sibling. I see families out there have hotpot as dinner but my house, we cook every year because our family do not like hot pot. I do find it okay but as reunion dinner I think having my mom, aunt and grandma to cook is a blessing.

I realise some families book hotels tables to eat which is a common thing  for busy families that do not have the extra time to cook or just, an off day for the Mothers. Which I think is pretty sweet as well but from my experience, only once and never twice. Had the most awful reunion dinner when I ate out.

Eating Reunion dinner is like an excuse to get everyone together and just talk. But with the advance of technology, we are slowly drifting. I would say I am not close to many of my cousins and I do not even know some of them. I am kind of afraid that when its my generation, reunion dinner will die out.

Nevertheless, let me show you some pictures I took for the dinner.
Firstly we lao yu sheng, its a symbol of a fresh new year and just new wishes and stuff like this ~

I should stop talking and just continue with the pictures~
Thats practically how I spent my last day of snake year. Feeling warm inside somehow.... right guys, I know you won't admit but it is kind of good.


So, I woke up.... really tired and I really could take it anymore because I was playing mahjong and playing com at night, although didnt really sleep very late, still this tired.

Every year, my house has this tradition of eating longan red date soup and eating marble cake in the morning to kick off the awesome day that is already being felt.

Just a legit morning selfie because I am cool like this.

The routine will always be the same every single year so, first we will go to my 2nd uncle house to eat lunch and den go off to my dad's cousin house and the last destination will always be my late great grandmother's house.

I would say my Father's side of family is more strict and we will be judged if we wear alittle exposed or every little thing so I would say they really want our surname to be carried well and nicely held and passed.
So, after debating very long with myself I settled down with this clothes.

TOP : topshop


Checkered piece : Korea

shoes: wholesale7

bag: central

so, well as you can see my freaking outfit is black and white but I jazz the cny spirit with the red flaner. Super classic look.

Ok, talking about outfits. I understand some of you guys want to look nice and stuff like this but, don't over do it. Because it is a family affair after all so I strongly believe you should wear something modest and family appropriate .

At night, all I felt was, tired and tired and tired. But contented as well. of course. <3

Spam a little selfies? hehe!

CNY day 2

I cannot believe it, I was suppose to wake up at 9 but I woke up at 7.50am. But well, got to prepare earlier and it was great. Didn't felt tired AT ALL, that feeling is a super amazing feeling.

Feeling worried about what to wear because all my cousins at my mother side is tall and pretty and pretty much fashionable. I am super bad, always have this mentality that I cannot lose to other people. Always like this. Don't tell me you dont girls, you do. somewhere deep inside you somehow still want to be in the centre light. I am born like this... so don't judge me.

So this is my ootd


Bottom: Paragon

Shoes :JC

bag ; central

I'd rather be dressed than underdressed, to me there is no such thing as over dressing for an event so there is nothing you can stop me from what I really want to wear. Honestly thinking too much over an outfit will just lead you back to what you will normally wear. But

CNY day 2 just make me realise how not close I am to my extended family. I do not even know my cousins, not even remember their face. If we were to see each other on the street I won't be even able to recognise them.

Sometimes it is just those little fond moments together to build connectivity and life.

Spend some time with you family.

Spend some time doing the things you like

Spend some time creating wonderful memories.

Spend some time stepping out of your comfort zone

Spend some time loving yourself and people around you

Spend some time thinking about what you have

Spend some time thinking, how much, you really worth.

Happy CNY baby <3

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