Wednesday, 26 February 2014

dramatic lifestyle

just a mini update about my life !

as you guys know, my life is always so dramatic although I try to avoid it, it comes to me or rather.. I am just purely bored and needed some entertainment. Well good enough, there is always people willing to do it.


okay, just accept me for who I am okay. I live this way, because I find that there is a need to be straight forward in life.

An incident have happened this few days or maybe 2 weeks or so. I do not want to bring it up anymore. This is the last time.

So, things are pretty complicated and it can get a little personal to talk about. So forgive me, that if I did not share this story with you.

Just a question for you all out there. As a really good friend of someone, will you side them? like no matter what. I will say the truth that, I will side my friend first of course, but I would not do anything to hurt the other party if I found out that my side has problems too.

Does that even make sense?

just a random tie day that I decided we should take a selfie 

Just anyways, I don't feel like there is a need to even tell anyone about my problems nowadays, people ask and I would always, just tell them briefly about it or maybe choose not to tell.

Because, there are some b*tches who are just thirsty.

(( just incase you guys do not know, thirsty does not mean that they are actually thirsty. In a sense if you are scolding or ranting about people, thirsty means desperate. ))

call me flirt if you want to, but I just honestly find guys in general easier to be friends with. Sherrie is different, she is my man when I am alone.  If you feel the way, hi my friend.

ungalms because I love swag. TODAY before CIP

Maybe just because I am quite tired of being around girls. Okay, what am I talking about here, I make extremely no sense.

Just so you know, I had my examinations for the past week and I gotten back my results. Passed all except for English, DEN DEN DENNNNN * epic music * YOU MUST BE WONDERING WHY IS IT NOT MATHS.

let me tell you guys, I got A1 for my math for the first time in my whole secondary school life. I failed math all the way since Sec 1 and finally passed for Sec 3. Lets hope it stays this way because honestly, I cannot fill up myself to the amount of happiness that was released.

So recently, I have been up for reading.. can you imagine me? Reading? Reading and Me does not match at all. I am not those type of girl who settle down reading a book. can you imagine people. Reading has been killing time for me....  This book will definitely come out in my favourites !

Do not ever think you will never do something, I never thought I will ever read but hey I still did it, I never thought I could get a pass neither a A for my math but I did it, I never thought that I could actually confront my fears but I did it!

Step over all your fears and dislikes, who knows one day you might just wake up and be ready to learn and accept it in a new light, right? ^^

stay strong.

Good Luck x

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