Wednesday, 19 February 2014

January Favourites 2014

I know, its 19th of February already and I just posted my favourites of last month. IM SORRY GUYS.

typically I was just not in the mood to do it. Yknow your girl here have those times.. where I seriously do not want to do anything.

I did not buy many stuffs but I do have some items I dug out and decided to use it again.

So lets just continue to the favourties ~

Firstly its a hair product called MOROCCAN Oil. It conditions the hair and make it stronger. Just apply a tiny bit before I blow my hair make such A HUGE DIFFERENCE,

My hair is really dry because I have been blowing it dry like crazy recently, I know it is better to let it dry naturally but there is definately some days where you have to blow it dry.

Got this at Wisma!

Saying about blowing dry, HOW NICE ISSIT FOR SOMEONE TO BLOW DRY YOUR HAIR FOR YOU?? it feels super goos and super loved. Just a random thought yknow.....

Next, I have my Victoria Secret Noir TEASE body wash.....

GOD DAMN THIS, I come out of the shower feeling like a victoria secret model because it make my skin feels like it is so  freaking smooth FREAKING SMOOTH.

It smells like VS's perfume so I definately smell awesome too.
I have really sensitive skin but this is super soft to my skin... damn. appreciate it.

Flower crown.

I got this at Bangkok, super cute and girly, have been wearing it like crazy although I dont suit the girly girl.........


dont have to explain why... you know it. it appeared again


this is not my first time reading this, well its the third. The story is super nice. at least to me, I just happen to stumble across this book when I am in kinokuriya so I actually bought it becase the cover was really pretty so I just thought that having a pretty book will be nice to decorate my room but in the end I really read it and it was a pretty nice experience.

Favourite songs of Jan 2014!

Ne-Yo "So Sick" and GD's Crooked.

I will have both linked down below~

So, its pretty much the end... HAHAHAHA OHYA!

alittle mini shoutout for @shopenvymyfetish ! They are holding a FLEA at BAZAAR SCAPE at this Saturday! I will be heading down so catch me there if you would like!

well, good luck and I will post soon !

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