Sunday, 16 February 2014

late v-day

So, I know it has already past 2 days but I still wanted to share my thoughts about Valentines.

Valentines as you all know is a day where many countries celebrate LOVE.

People receives chocolate, why chocolates?

Chocolates are considered as a "Romantic Food" , it is sweet and tasty which made it a great gift for your loves ones. Besides that Chocolates have been a popular gift for hundreds of years. And usually, Chocolates is associated with romance.

People receive Roses, why roses again?

Every flower has its own meaning, red roses represents, passionate love and the other party is head over heels for you. Yellow roses represent Devotion, how much the person loves you. White Roses represents purity, and if you combine red and  white, it represents unity. If you receive a pink rose, you are most likely friend-zoned because pink roses represents friendship and EVERLASTING friendship.

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Everywhere you go, you will see couples, and couples and more couples. Well, I celebrated it with my girlfriend and I am proud of it.

Don't be upset if you did not have a valentine in the past years. Look forward, because your prince charming  is looking for you. I said this before, You are so busy searching but you did not stop and look at those people beside you, he/she might be disguised.

Valentine is a day where you spread love. I know that so, I brought chocolates to school and shared it with my classmates, seniors and juniors. Sometimes its those little things that make others feel love.

Does not necessarily be a guy to give you a rose, or it is not necessarily that a girl must write you a love letter.

Why not, you write a letter to yourself telling yourself how much you love yourself before you think you want to radiate love around.

Youtuber Weylie LINK: said

,"  if you don't even love yourself, how can you expect your love to radiate around the people you love?"

" Your confidence should never come out from a guy, what if he leaves you one day and where is your confidence going to go? "

She is so inspiring because she seriously never sugar coat any single word she said.

Stay confident, even by yourself.

VALENTINES VALENTINES, must it always be the opposite gender love story? What about your family? ALWAYS NEGLECTING THEM ARENT YOU.

although this is a late post, but I just wanted to share random stuffs about Valentines day.

So...... Will you be my Valentines?

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