Monday, 10 February 2014

♥ Shibusen Família ♥

yes, you guessed it. Its a Monday and I am updating my blog. I am gravely sick. Or maybe not as bad because I am still able to type this out. I have really bad rashes that I do not wish to show you all because it is disgusting, even to me. Hope I will get better in this 2 days if not I will be redirected to a skin specialist and might have to do some crap to my skin. Lets not curse me okay.

Many people are getting sick this few days, so if you are, Get well soon hun. I guess it was because of the drastic change in weather that is causing many people to be K.O ed.

Yesterday, was like one of the best days in 2014. Shibusen Familia feat.Kelvin came to my house. I have never opened this clique to  the rest of the people out there, it was just a low-key clique. But it survived for almost 1 year now.

I rarely share this type of stuff but yeah. Come on. You know why.
I was really grateful to meet this bunch of people. They are not the bravest, they are not the smartest, they are not perfect neither anyone is. But they are just amazing.

I do not know about you but have you ever know that one person, You know that he/she has many flaws but you still think and really feel that they are so amazing and so worth the time. Not necessarily but the opposite gender but just people around you.

That is one of the best feelings.

I mean like, there are some friendships that you really could ditch everything aside except for them. Friendly love. That is what I call it.

So, we ate, we talked, we played. Nothing really exciting nor super amazing but I had a great time just catching up, talking and just doing what I wanted to do for quite some time.

Kelvin came because, honestly, I do not know why I actually invited him over but it was pretty cool still because afterall we are still quite close. Saying about him, I DO NOT KNOW WHY BUT SEEING HIM EAT IS LIKE ONE OF THE MOST COOLEST AND SWAG THING YOU WILL EVER SEE.

He eat like he haven't for days. Just noms all the food. I was quite in trauma because they all eat good food while I just eat my congee because of my rashes. Those idiots teased me hard enough.

just a super quick update <3

dont effing judge me. I love sweat pants. 

love this pix to the moon and stars to the outer space back into my heart.x

Goodluck x
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