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The hands that you used to hold

this morning, I saw this primary school kid holding his mother's hand walking happily to school. I was abit taken back because, he look like he is P5-6, but yet he is still holding his mother's hand. But after a moment of thought. I felt guilty.

Why did I gave him the weir d face. There is nothing wrong.
Thinking back into the past on how I would cling on my parents.

Wanting to hold their hands. and slowly deciding not to and eventually end up to a state like this. Not holding at all.

It is still the new year so I want to express this out to all of my fellow friends out there. Our parents, supported us in almost every way. 

Family is the only people that truly accept for who you are. What you are.

So I want to take this chance and say this.

You owe your whole life to your parents no matter what. They gave birth to you. From the moment you are in their stomach. You are living on their expense.

On top of that, remember those times where they shouted at you, scolded you. All of that, are just lessons that you are going to learn in the hard way.

They beat you, cane you. What makes you think they don't hurt inside?
Who knows they softly cry at night because you did something that really hurt them bad.

Sometimes hurtful words come out of our mouth without us knowing. We might be hot headed at times and do things without thinking thats where the respect thing came in.

You, as a child of your parents must respect them in any time and under any circumstances.

Most of you have what you need to survive because as long as your parents are mentally stable, they will at least provide you with a roof above your head, and food.

How much more do you want to ask for?

Just because its human to always want something that you don't have, it does not mean that that thing is as important.

Nothing is more important than family.

Do you think that friendship last forever? some does, but who knows if that person is real.

Parents judgments  pretty much 95%. Sometimes you might want to take their words into consideration because firstly, they are out in the society obviously having more experiences and have seen more people than you. They know how certain people act, they can see how people are going to be like.

Trust your parents. I believe they won't want you to get hurt in anyways because, at the start and end of story, YOU came out from them. Your mother went through that amount of pain, to get you out here not to see you fall and crash and fail. They have expectations from you.

Those expectations. You might say things like, they always want me to do this. They expect me to act in a certain manner.

Behind all this, there must be a reason why such thing are said, and done.

If you really can't, why not try and talk it out instead of fighting and screaming and all those stupid little things that breaks relation.
Honestly, I never thought that I would write all this but. Recalling, during my primary school days, from p1-p5, My grandfather fetches me every single day from school back home. P6 lesser because I have weird timings to come back home but, yeap, don't judge me.

I really like the feeling that my grandfather likes to hold my hand and cross the road. just make me feel really safe.

Even nowadays, I do it. Because in his heart, I am always that little girl that he use to bring to eat ice kachang.

In his heart, I am always so young and fragile.

In his heart, I will never need to grow up.

I believe all this appiles to parents.  In their heart, you are still a child. No matter what, you are still their child. No matter how bad, how rebellious, how stupid, how smart, how tall, how short, how fat , how skinny you are. You are still blood related to them.

On the day you were born, I believe its one of the most happy moments of their lives. Its a present sent alive.

Its the DNA you cannot deny.

Remember, you are what you are today or in the future. Because your parents chose to keep you.

How much more can you ask for?

AND, my school recently said, even a simple action like making them coffee or tea or even milo. Or maybe just bread in the morning.  It makes that difference. It is showing care and love.

Valentines is coming. Not necessarily be only BGR but, family love.

mom, people always say we look alike. do we?
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