Thursday, 6 March 2014

AD : Envymyfetish

Who does not want pretty clothes, I mean like, quit joking.

I love clothes, we love clothes.

and one of the good places to shop is.... @SHOPENVYMYFETISH.

Thank them for sending me this cute dress~

their dress is high quality and high resistance. make me slim, legs look really really long and damn. give me more.

WELL, you can still get this dress from their website and facebook!

Who does not go out dressed up, who does not want to look pretty.

Who does not want to get their wardrobe filled with pretty clothes.

This is your chance! They just LAUNCHED their! MARCH COLLECTION~

Envymyfetish are also having a flea at BAZZAR SCAPE on 22 MARCH! I will update you guys of that!

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