Sunday, 30 March 2014


Have you ever noticed those knifes stuck behind your backs?

You are bleeding like hell but you didn't notice until someone told you, oh my god your back is bleeding so badly.

Firstly, Hello hi, I am Celine Ng and I am going to tell you how back stabbers work.

They can be an angel beside you, and the next moment you know. They are aiming your back and ready to announce war to you. This is how they work. They bring you down, talk bad about you, ruin your image, ruin your trust towards others, break you.

Killing you slowly, and the best part is, you do not know you are in this piece of shit.

Usually when you realised you have been stabbed at the back, its hard to actually pick yourself up, especially towards those you trusted. It just make them worth 0, or rather, this is how most hates are born.

When you decided to talk shit from that filthy mouth of yours about someone else, you have you bloody think twice. Don't make me call you brainless, or rather, you are. Brainless idiot.

Why do people even want to hurt those that are close to them? Just because you think you know alot of this particular person, and you think you can make a entertaining conversation with another person about them. You are god damn wrong.

What is with that sick mentality you have in your head. Is hurting someone else making you feel immense pleasure? Or do you just seek attention? unwanted attention.

Once you are found out doing this, you are no longer trustworthy. NOT, means you are just an invisible person to me now. My heart no longer contains you, not even a single percent.

If you think apologising will help, hello, should I just take a knife, stab you, say sorry and the end?

Some wounds cannot be healed with an apology. Especially those  that hurt the heart. I trusted you with my heart and all I get back is fucking shit.

Some people just do not understand why are we doing this, if YOU BACK STAB ME, am I going to stand there and continue to let you hurt me? Forgive me to leave you, well, you deserve it. YOU DESERVE IT.

Maybe you really need to be kicked in the face to know how much it hurts. It's worse than that.

Worst part, when you confront the person about it, they don't even remember they said that. How many people have they told to forget who exactly they told. You told others how much you miss spending time with each other, well, I don't find it bad. Let me tell you, I will never forgive, or rather, I can neither forget nor forgive.

I wonder how easy is it for you to say those words.

Coming to a point like this, I wound rather give up everything. The 8 years of friendship, the feeling that I protected you when someone else talked bad about you.

We all know it hurts to be backstabbed. But some people just don't realise how much their words can cause never recovering wounds.

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