Thursday, 13 March 2014

February Favourites 2014


not very late right guys! Let me tell you the truth, I took the pictures awhile back already, just never got the time to type out~....... or I am just lazy..........

ok guys! first off! My Victoria Secret - Pure Seduction body mist.

This, I have been crazily spraying . It smells like strawberry people say, it's actually plum.

Super nice, I cannot express, every girl's dream, Victoria Secret! Just a really sweet smelling scent and make me feel like a lady somehow. ok I am weird.

2nd, Benefit - Coralista

It's like a very popular blush I saw floating around the internet. So, I went to Tangs at orchard and saw this and I am, like dumbstruck to see benefit there.

That was the first benefit I saw in freaking SG, maybe I am really slow. but, I still got it.

3rd, the POREfessional .

THIS APPEARED AGAIN. Praise the lord. This is the best invention ever. My pores damn~ can be covered so damn nicely. Illusion of good skin.


4th, Marble necklace.

This is actually DIY-ed by me, I saw this pretty marble and I just thought that it will lovely to wear it on myself.

It look super pretty, kind of holographic and cute......

My new phone case from SCAPE. You cant stop me. I love one piece.

FAV scent! Armani code.

I have been bringing this baby everywhere I go too, because it is just one of the best thing ever in the whole world. It smells sexy. I am a contridicting person. I like many different type of scent. I own way too many perfumes and I am still collecting. Thats bad.


INSURGENT, actually its suppose to be divergent but , I loan the book to my girlfriend and I anyways I completed this 2 books in 1 month, can you imagine how good this 2 book actually is?

the author is Veronica Roth. Its actually her debut novel and it was a hit.

Divergent movie is coming out~ 20th March! Its a must to watch it!!!


Take a bow - Rihanna

This Love -Shinhwa

Golden Medley - Leo ku

Thats about all actually...... So! Hope you guys like this! And if you want to see the DIY necklace do inform me and I will take time to do it!
Goodluck x

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