Wednesday, 12 March 2014


Yes, I joined wgs awesome.

Yes, I got into the finals.

Yes, I have this random urge to sing.

Yes, I sung for 1h.

Yes, my throat hurts like eff now.

Currently, in my life, I have alot going on, I like the fact that I am constantly busy and occupied by many things and affairs.

Just been really hyped up and really out-going.

Don't you just love days where you can be fully packed and when you reach home, the only thought you have is sleep.

I think it's wonderful. It just showed how colourful one's life can be.

Don't get me wrong, I love days where I could just laze around everywhere at home and just stay home.

Life is all about possibilities, yknow. Don't try it, never know what will really come to you.

Sometimes, taking initiative is a good thing. Show you are interested, and willing to do things to achieve your goals.

But, there will be mountains and mountain that you must climb over before you reach that place you wanted. You have to sacrifice something for it.


So, I urge all of you.

Quit looking back to those hurts and scars you had.

Your future is brightly shining.

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