Saturday, 15 March 2014


So honestly, Friday day out with gf is like one of the best thing. Especially when she is the same as me. Spend usually without thinking too much.

People usually go there with a purpose where they are going to buy things they want for a period of time. While I go shopping to find a purpose.

Because Fleas are so unexpected, they have such wide range of things that you will never imagine. That dress you wanted for $40 is at the flea for maybe $15?

And everytime You go to the Flea, they sell all sorts of different things which seriously gets me so excited to spend.

Shopping is my bad habit, but I honestly do not want to quit.

Its addictive guys. It really is.

So, the afternoon started out wrong because my dear Sherrie forgot her house key and was locked out for super long until 3 and I was just there waiting and waiting.

The worse part is, she lost her phone few days ago and I totally could not get her at all which made me freak out and effing frustrated.


finally met her, cabbed to CHIJ for their fiesta, there was so many hot guys there I swear to my life. Youre gonna be like, CHIJ is a girls school, why are there guys.

Their fiesta is a public event so duh.

after that we went scape.... thats why.

I bought 2 dresses, 1 shirt and a snapback. And some things. Im not going to do a haul. Like honestly. Nexttime I wear and I will just link it back here alright~ but its somewhat like buster dress that has the shoulders exposed.

Great, I think the sexiest part of a woman body is still the shoulders, its effortlessly show off a little skin and I think it's a great way to get close to the sun too.

I mean, I don't especially love dresses, I only find them cute but I never really find that they suit me.

I have a lot of dresses, but I don't wear them often... I wonder is that bad.

I know many guys like girls who can fit dresses perfectly and be a little cutesy little idk, like a cute girl. SADLY, your girl here ain't girly.

and I respect that everyone has different styles. Just like my girlfriend, she can pull of a really cute yet chic look. But I cannot. While, those image I have, she doesn't suit it too.

Everyone is different.

HEHE, thats the end of this alittle update for you guys.

Good Luck x

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