Saturday, 1 March 2014

Hey March

Its March, how fast time passed this year. Honestly I don't think I did anything productive the last 2 months of 2014.

Is it just me or am I just breathless from chasing time. Everything feels so... fast paced and quick and too harsh for me to even catch a breath a from all those things.

Thinking back about those stupid mind sets I have still lock in my brain, I feel  small. I feel like I am still young. I want to be wild and free.

Impossible. I am a student after all. What is freedom, homework sometimes could actually make me feel free idky I am so weird.

So I went CIP with my class today at the neighbourhood need my school area.

The day started out with me being totally lazy. My alarm snoozed 3 damn time and I still decide not to wake, until my Mother drag me off my bed. I am so lazy.

So, my dad was kind enough to send me to school but apparently I was still late, but I was not the worst. Never really been crazily late before to school activites without a valid reason.

After I got up to upper secondary, my life became more hectic but I never really want to skip school programs like I used to back in lower secondary days where I would always find excuses, find stupid reasons to skip it. I do not know whether my brain is fried or what but that is the case for me.

I reached school, I was about 5 minutes late. But the briefing have not began so I was saved.

So we are suppose to go back to the group we had on Wednesday so, I was grouped with Kelvin, Calista and Rochelle.

It was so freaking early in the morning (( 8+)), and it's a Saturday. WHO WILL BE AWAKE ??

We went up to the 7th level and tried to collect, ringed the door bell, knocked the door but NOBODY was like entertaining us.

But after we got down to lower floors and as time pass, more and more people are aware and we still managed to collect quite a bit.

So, what is a class CIP without taking pictures?

After CIP, went to have lunch with Shibusen and Kelvin and Jarrett join us afterwards. Pretty fun and laugher was like filled to the hecking point where I am super high.

But always, when I am happy, something has to break my mood. It hurts, physically it really does.

Went home, AND MY PARCEL ARRIVED. DAAAMMMNNNNNNNN! happy happy! I mean like people are always happy when something they ordered arrived. I ordered from again. Their service are always so fast and efficient!

there is still more stuff but I was just excited~ 

and its me and alexi's 14th monthsary.

Just, had been thinking about what I should do. I should do a to-do list for this year and hopefully I can complete all of them and show you guys!

I love planning things and always love to see them happen one by one. It's a warm feeling.

And, to all my love ones out there, i love you alot. Appreciate you are in my life. I really do so, promise me you won't leave me no matter what. Because, it hurts.

Good Luck for March!

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