Wednesday, 19 March 2014

March Camp

Honestly, I rarely feel this way towards others. But I honestly do not hold like anger for long so do not worry.

I had camp for the past 2 days. It was suppose to be a 3D2N camp but, I fell ill so I came back home instead. But honestly I wasn't all that ill too.

I was all hyped up and ready to be high and happy and just create lots of memories and have lots of fun and excitement. But to my dismay, at the start of the camp, when we split into groups, I had immediate disappointment. I could see the Leader of the group trying to bring the group to like hyper but, failed. So, he\she still try his\her best for the group to make it less boring and less unhappy. I feel it, but it wasn't right.

I was just really pissed and really upset about why am I chosen to this group. Why do I need to hold up people and just freaking make myself angry.

So when it was lunch time, I just settled and calm myself down. I made friends with the graduating seniors that I never thought I would ever talk to. And even bonded with some juniors. Which actually made me smile and honestly quite happy.

Played Running CO, this year was special because it was couple race. Where you get to get partnered with someone and your hands get tied together. If the band breaks.... boom, bye. It was super team-building, I personally enjoyed that the most, and I think that it is like the most exciting game out of all the game.

Although it was kind of a screw up after that, because I fell. But honestly not a big deal to me because, playing this type of games, bound to have injuries here and there. It will stop the fun and teacher won't allow me to play anymore, which is a bad thing don't you think?

Yes, I am still in the food committee but this camp was a freaking slack. Because we didn't need to order food from outside vendors, and all the stuff was bought pre-made and, I did not even buy a single thing because it was all done by the teachers. Kind of made me think why do we even need a food committee at first. But, I realised it was a bonus for me, I get to kind of slack.

best seat partner eva !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Mr Low, my conductor, share a story about his friend leaving the world awhile ago. And that person is just 40+? isn't it pretty young for the technology nowadays? Heard he was slight plum and usually plum people have some type of heart diseases, but that wasn't the case. He fell, and it was just the end.

Of course there are more details to the story which I think it would best not to say.

After I heard the story, it kind of hit me. I thought of CO, I usually complain that it is so boring, I wish I could leave. But honestly, if you really think carefully. Half of my Secondary School days, I am a part in CO. There are times where it is so suckish, but there are MORE times where memories are made. Allowing me to know many people I wouldn't have known if I wasn't in CO. CO, is an orchestra I have to admit, an orchestra must have teamwork. Definitely, I have learnt how to work with people and now, I am Sec 3, I have the responsibility to guide and lead my juniors as well. I do not want to be the type of senior where I just disregard all the shits happening because I don't care.

CO is a family. Although it sucks sometimes, I have really fun and exciting memories I cannot deny. I really can't. It gave me a path, or rather sometimes ((or rarely)) a type of escape. Music does wonders to people.

The story also let me thought that, who knows someone around me will just be gone the next day? Honestly, it is a sad fact because we really do not know what will happen the next second of our life. But isn't that that made it extra exciting, extra beautiful and extra hyped for the future?

I think it is just wanting to express yourself as much as you want. Never know what will happen yknow!

Just to sum up my whole camp. It was a crazy up down hill.

Good Luck x.

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