Wednesday, 26 March 2014

my happiness

It's hard to fake happiness.

Remember the times where we did stupid things together.

How weird and awkward we felt whenever one of us is absent from school.

How crazy we look in public but we don't care.

How we get our first couple bag.

How we never fought.

How we never ever left each other when times are hard.

How we share chocolates only with each other.

How we communicate through our eyes. LAZAR BEAMS.

We had hand signs where no one else understood.

We done the craziest things, you can never imagine that.

We have been together for short 3 years.

How much closer we got.

We b*tch together.

We gossip together.

We laugh, smile, cry together.

We all need someone like this in our existing life. I am so proud to say, I found mine. She was the summer present I received, wrapped with newspaper sloppishly. I never really was interested in the gift, until I open it to know it contained the most wonderful thing within. I never expect her to even exist in my life for this long, because people come and go like always that I am pretty sure, I am pretty neutral about it. I won't cry, just because people leave me. I never will, because they obviously do not deserve it. My tears are expensive.

She is shiny and bright. But only to me. Like a dead sunflower reignite. She never doubt my words, she took my words seriously, she hear my problems and break them down for me and we solve it together. She is strong, I am strong. We create a perfect combination. She is pretty with a her long jagged and messy hair, she is pure within like clear water, she is loved, at least with me, she will always be.

Feel bad whenever I have things going on and it affects her as well, if it's a problem between me and you, you better do not drag her into shits. Because you do not know what a silent killer until you do that. Because I always constantly have trouble, idk why do not ask me, people like to drag her in the picture as well, I mean like stop. Are you brainless or is your brain eaten by maggots, just because she is my friend and you want to do this to her? Let me tell you girl, you are dumb.

Have you found that person in your life? yes, I found her.

I call her my Best Friend aka a sister god forgotten to gave me.

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