Saturday, 29 March 2014

not a girl, not yet a woman

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I guess I am slowly getting into a point where, I am so tired of everything.

I do not know whether it is because I am growing up, being in the middle of adult and children. Being a teen itself it is already pretty tiring. I do not know why, I really do not know.

There are times where I get into deep thoughts in the class, I hear nothing despite the crazy noise level. All I hear is my opinions and thoughts running the crap out of itself and my strangely fast heartbeat.

I do not know how to face things nowadays, I feel like a cotton ball being compressed and even I was to be let go, I can't go back to my original shape that quickly.

Maybe it is just part of growing up to a fine person in the future, a person who is selfless.

I mean, you can say I read too much divergent and I grew crazy about it. I still think selflessness is an important quality we all should have within. That moment where you put others first instead of yourself. But as humans, we are all self-centered in a sense where we would actually think the best for ourselves before we put others.

I can say I am a pretty honest person nowadays because if I do not like you, you will know it. I don't even bother to hide those hates anymore. You hear bad things about me, I did not deny ALL of them did I? evidence please. I enjoy expressing my feelings, except for sadness. Anger is an expression I am good at letting you know. I am angry, I hit the roof. A person from a mile away would know I am on fire.

Some people just hide them, and it explodes once and for all. It's not healthy.

To all my teenagers friends out there, I said express your emotions, not overwhelm and make a big fuss about your shits and anger. Hello, eventually it's still your own shits to deal with, none of my business. Call me cruel but ain't that true? I could help you but I cannot be there forever to help you.

Moral: Stay Independent

" Anything that drowns me makes me wanna fly "

Those trying to bring me down just make me feel that I am better than this.

Call me arrogant, I am higher than you.

Call me act, I am cooler than you.

Call me stupid, I am stronger than you.

Call me weak, back to you.

How much do you worth depends on how you treat me. You can be as much as the sunrays or as less as ZERO.

3 months passed. Have you grown or have you achieved anything that you want to do in 2014?

Never give up any dreams, chase it because you deserve what you worked for.

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