Sunday, 2 March 2014

thigh gap?

Looking down in between your legs, do you see that gap?

no I don't see it.

blame myself for nothing being able to control my diet,

blame myself  for always being so disgusting,

blame myself  for not being good enough to deserve  it..

Am I working hard enough for it..

I guess I am a loser...

Looking down in between your legs, do you see that gap?

why does everyone hates me?

why does the boy I liked always dislike me?

it must be because I am fat,

I hate my fat thighs.

Looking down in between your legs, do you see that gap?

yes, finally I could see through it.

Am I finally thin enough?

Am I going to be accepted now?

Is people not going to give me those strange eyes when I walk pass them anymore?

I just want to be pretty...

Look down in between your legs, do you see that gap?

there are girls out there obsessed with the mindset of having one.




Tired to live.

Is that gap, really that important?

Looking down in between your legs, do you see that gap?

why is society corrupting people?

why is society making us feel that we are not good enough?

why is society becoming so...


-Celine Ng

Thigh gaps has became a obsessions among girls in the most recent years . Girls often think that thigh gaps are only owned by skinny girls, but no girl.

Thigh gaps are determined by the size of your hips, the bigger your hips, the bigger the thigh gap is.

given my honest opinions, I do have thigh gaps, but I dislike it, my knee is starting not to touch but I really dislike it.

Call me attention all you want . Its just an opinion, straight.

I find that girls that are able to close their legs together really pretty.

I mean like damnn, you dont need a thigh gap to be sexy.

Because we are all different we have different mind sets. I cannot control what you want to think but, please, don't starve yourself.

If you are doing this for a guy, I ask you to stop, likely chance the other party do not even know what is a thigh gap.

It hurts me to see how girls are hating on their own body.

Thinking that they are not good enough, thinking about wanting to be someone else.

Your body is god-forsaken beautiful.

Everybody was made different, why want to be someone else, when no one can be like you.... ?

Being healthy should be your goal, let me be straight and clear.
If you are over-weight, shed some pounds will lead you to become more healthy.

When you are healthy, you will look great, when you look great, you will feel great, that is where you build confidence level from.

I used to not have, but I work out a lot to stay healthy and along the way, I shed some weight and hence now.

You work for what you get, but do not over do it.

Health is the most important factor you will need.
Curves > Bones

just a reminder for you girls, guys like curvy girls so get your ass working!

Stay beautiful, ily
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instagram : @nsnceline

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