Sunday, 9 March 2014

tired but happy

Have you guys ever been to a point where you are so tired.

Tired as in mentally and physically. Both. Attacking you at once.

As a point of now, I am really tired, I do not really have a specific reason but I guess it was because of crazy nights and sleepy mornings, that is how things work right.

Actually we do not need a reason to be sad, right?..

Guys.. I really dk what to do with my life. I won't think of silly things of course but just a sudden thought.

Yesterday night was super hyped up and super fun and energetic and lively but, I have no idea why I was so drained today.


Since I have not updated about my life for quite some time till now, SO I shall do it now.

As all of you know, my school term started 2 months ago.

Never felt school was any more fun than this year. 2014.

I do not exactly know why is it more fun? but I guess its because everyone around me is starting to understand each other a little better after 2 years of friendship. And people are starting to embrace me.
If you read my past blogs you know I was a dang loner but now, I'm so glad that I have friends around, making decisions with me, play, get crazy together.

I felt alive.

Time passes really quick and its already March now. It was just a moment ago where I just started my upper secondary life and all these cute little stuff. Those awkward moments in class where it's all quiet for 1 month.

And now, the devil horns released.

It really has been amazing for me. I cannot tell you really how much I like my life now, like I am tired but I am not tired.

It's a feeling of excitement, awaiting the future to be told.

I want all the people in my life now to be with me even in 5 years or maybe even 10 years. Because they made my life feel amazing.

I felt alive. again.

Yesterday, all the design students which included Arts, D&T, F&N, we went to the kumpung village at Bottle Tree Park.

Instructor Chris let me take home a priceless advice.

If you were to be in a place where you really dislike to. You keep complaining and just keep on deny the fact that you are there. You learn nothing. But if you try to take something away from that class, or event. Wouldn't it be more worth while?

Yes, Indeed. If you keep have a negative mindset about something. What will be good for you?

Whatever other people say you are not going to listen, how would that benefit you?

If it's a class, and that professor or teacher is just really disgusting and just talking crap. Find a way to get a learning point out. Everyone has that ability to, it is just purely if you want to~

AND YES, where is my Feb Favourites,. I promise you I will post it up quickly!

just so you know, be happy every single day of your life. We don't have much time to waste on unhappiness.

Pictures from yesterday ~

Good luck x

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