Monday, 24 March 2014



I watched, divergent! The movie I crazily anticipated so bad.

in conclusion BOOK > MOVIE

The book has more detail and better scene description I guess. But the movie wasn't bad. It was really exciting and hyper as well.

I cannot help myself. I was just jumping all around everywhere to see divergent because it really has been long since I stepped into the cinema!

I had a hair cut, I ditched my long term layered hair. I used to think layered hair looks the best, but now, I just want to have a light punk hair style but I couldnt shave my sides, so I cut my front hair to very short, as short as a "legal" school bob hair style. But the back of the hair is still obviously long. I can never abandon my long hair.

You know, I love food , I take pictures of my meals, that I think looks yummy. So, now I am going to share some nice food with you.........

During the holidays, I always have pasta for breakfast because I just think that it is so classy. Ok joke, I am addicted to pasta. TOMATO only. I'm so in love with morning scramble eggs. Honestly it's the best thing ever.

watching wahlie tv

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so never skip it alright! No matter what and how you eat. Maybe you could secretly eat in class.......... candy maybe.

Okay, I am definitely that guilty freak of eating in class, because I always eat in class, whatever you can think of,

Potato Chips, checked.

Gummy, checked.

Pizza, che.... no. not yet but maybe soon WAHAHA.

So, as you guys know for the past 6~8 months, I have been constantly doing workouts. Yes, I lost 3kg since last year. My body fat percentage  can be improved but it is good enough for me now.

Working out makes me feel good honestly, sweat it. If you don't feel the sore next day, you are better than that, do it until you feel sore for days. That's how you are going to change, that is how you are going to feel great, feel awesome, feel that sweet soreness.

2013 august 


REMEMBER DO NOT STOP EATING, I am eating healthily as hell, I eat all craps and awesome. Get working, you want that body. WORK FOR IT, don't expect it to come overnight, because trust me, I am still working hard until now.

And did I already told you guys, my dad was apparently in a good mood and got me a pandora bracelet and yes it is really pretty.

Today, WGS awesome had its first rehearsal and I need your help to help me choose my outfit, I would upload it soon! <3

And, I guess  that is about all the updates for now, hope you caught up alittle with my life.

Good Luck x

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