Wednesday, 5 March 2014


Not to one person, to all the people out there. Say I am stupid and young to do this, but I am still going to stand for the rights I have. If you do not like the idea, I suggest you click out of this blog post and start thinking about your stupid "rights" you think you have, and do not ever come back here again okay.

So Hey, if you are still reading, I welcome you to relate to me. If you are still hating on me and my post, I give you one bloody last chance to click out of the blog post.

So, I have 5 messages I want to send out to all of you out there.

girl, or boy. Sometimes you need to learn how to shut your mouth up when you do not need to talk. Your mouth often get yourself into trouble if you realize, when you lose your cool. Learn how to shut up. 

That is the thing I want to say. Sometimes I hear terrible things going around the school, people claim to hear me say it, but obviously I did not. You little brat, tryin' to get on my nerves yeah?

I finally learn how to keep shits out of my mouth, like freaking few months ago. Some things, are just not meant to be said. So what if you hear this? So what if you do this? If you are not involved in this, are you sure you want to comment about what you hear and spread different news out there? If you have nothing nice to say, shut up.

Your mouth, zip, lock and throw the fuck away. You won't need the key anymore.

Secondly, know the rightful meaning of bitch, slut and whores.

Bitch : a spiteful or unpleasant woman, making spiteful and critic comments. or a female dog.

Slut : a woman who sleeps with multiple guys, or has a large amount of sex partners.

Whore :  prostitute

get this is your stupid mind. Don't know how to use them in the correct way? Don't.

Thirdly, know the truth before starting a war.

You know when there are times when girls are just fighting with each other for no plain reason, I mean like most likely its boredom, for me it definitely is boredom. Because, I won't entertain you if I do not find an entertaining point from you. Its mean to say, but yes, I am taking it like a show. Free show.

girl drama yeah, thats what we call it because guys usually do not have this problem which I find, why am I not a guy. Being a guy is hard sometimes too.....

Fourth, don't eat your own words.

You claim to hate this person for doing this, but you are doing exactly the same thing back to that person. Hello? Irony.

Don't act like you don't find this familiar, I do this too. Even now sometimes, except for certain things. Anything related to contribution of emotions I suggest you better not cross my line. Because you are a bitch for doing so, like how you called me.

QUIT being childish. Comeon, older or younger, doesn't matter. Mutual respect comes first. OHYA I forgot. Even dogs know what is respect, I should most likely work on what I can call you. Maybe, ham? Too tasty for you.

FIFTH, don't act like you are someone that can make a difference to my life.

I mean, I am making this post so obviously you are affecting my mind but hey, girl/boy, I am not even going to lie. Its disgusting to see how you are desperate into seeking my attention, and when I give it to you, you make it feel like I am bullying you? Oh pls, its 21 century no one falls for that anymore.

We are born with 5 senses for a reason. You need to go to special places if one of them fails.

You know, how much stupidity I have to face like on a daily basis. Maybe I am a nuisance to you but, halo. why are you here, you little stalker. Most likely I hate you but, you read all the way here!!!!!!!!!!!!! that does not change that I hate you. hehe!

The best revenge of all : Happiness, Nothing drives other people crazier than seeing them leading a good fucking life - Jenn Im

sorry for saying this but, fu*k you plastics.

ohya, back to you girl, 

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