Sunday, 20 April 2014

Good Friday ♥


I actually had plans on good friday but apparently it was ruined because I had family function. My family is pretty much stricter when it comes to family events so, I couldn't deny it and I just had to go with it.

So, in the morning and I went to causeway point to just go get cake and present for the kids.

AND MY MUM, I just offically understand why am I such a SHOPAHOLIC BECAUSE OBVIOUSLY, I have my mother's genes. The first shop we saw, honestly, she went it and it was 1 hour. Talking about my mother, she is really quite an inspirational person. She lost almost 20 kg now, and she had a drastic change and let me ask you, won't you feel weird if your mother has a thigh gap.

Her fashion is going up as well. OHYA I WANTED TO ASK YOU GUYS. Should I go thrift my mother's old style? I found a huge photo book about my parents old photos and I was just inspired to do my mother's old style. Maybe I should alright~

Let me share my ootd for Good Friday and you guys won't believe it but I DON'T EFFING CARE ABOUT WHAT YOU THINK.

The dress : scape underground, it was the last piece for $10.
Shoes : Pazzion
Bracelet : A gift.

I really love how the dress is kind of shapeless in a sense it made me feel really flowy and girly. Althought yes I know, I do not really suit this style but its a once in a while thing yknow. I saw some seniors from my school and they gave me weird looks, so I shall take it as a compliment.

Next I went to eat lunch and obviously what is lunch without foodporn for you all.

Fun Fact, if I were to go for a family outing, with like just my family, it will never be Japanese cuisine because my dad, dislikes Japanese food. It will usually be Thai or Chinese which I really appreciate and love alot too. So generally speaking, I love all types of cuisine.


So, I got to my grandmother's house and got like really bored, always bored, and I just decide to like watch movies and stuff.

That is pretty much it... short day.

I do have many pictures coming up. 1 2 3........ scroll down idiot,

me and my mom, such resemblence

sissy and mom

Thanks for reading my boring life but ily.

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