Friday, 11 April 2014


" Happy dreams just make me feel less happy when I wake up. "

I know less active, because my life is just honestly, wake up to school, end school cca, den home, homeworks , play phone sleep.

Just have not been so tired before. As we get older and mature, we get more and more tired I guess?

We do not have the nice choice to choose what we could do and stuff.

AND YEAH, I have the best seating partner besides for Sherrie. The bad thing is, DONT YOU HATE WHEN PEOPLE SPOIL YOUR DAMN SHOW. I cannot show you how rage I am but I have just grown to stay even more excited for the show.

And for those people and friends of mine who watches one piece, Luffy rocks.

I have been more on task on my homework I think, at least I have been listening to classes which are more important. Although I still have problem trying to stay awake in physics class. So if anyone has any remedy about staying awake in class, I will definitely love to hear it.

And I realized a sad truth.  People are only thankful for a second. I do not know how to explain this but I cannot stop this thought from coming into my brain for what has happened. Just because I act in a different way towards the same thing. Because I am different so, I get another way of treatment.

I cannot explain how annoyed I am to just imagine it happening again.

I will update fully again once I get the pictures, I promise HD.

With love love love,

@nsnceline - ig

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