Thursday, 24 April 2014

Jumping Months

people go, memories stay or haunt.

I cannot even bring myself to sit infront of this laptop anymore for like 5mins because I feel so sick staring at a screen for quite sometime. Usually I take about 2 to 3 hours to complete one whole blog, editing the text, thinking if certain words that can be used or offense anyone and stuff.

My examinations are seriously drawing so near, I am alittle nervous not to hide, I am scared that I would flunk my whole Mid Term Test. I can go and bang the wall please. I mean like, I must bloody study. My study moods comes in fast and ends fast, so whenever I feel like studying I will immediately start going. At most it can last for like 4 hours. That's provided I do not have any other type of distraction going on around me. I suck, I get distracted of the smallest thing. TV, or maybe just simply asking me a question can stop my brain from thinking. Thats bad.

But I do have a exam tips/idea type of blog coming up! Because I thought that I will share with you all about what I usually do to cope my exams and hopefully it benefit some of you out there, in some parts of the world, I may know, or not. But of course, I am not forcing you to go with my style, you can modify them and make them yours of course.

Singapore is a whole year round summer country, sunny island. But of course there are days where you just want to snuggle around your house and not leave. I have, I admit I used excuses to push away all appointments and meetings. Just to stay at home and chill, maybe with a cup of hot chocolate with marshmellow on top .

I have been wearing smaller lenses recently, 14.2mm, which is seriously smaller than what I usually would wear but I am kind of adapting to it. But, of course I will find any chance to get those usual pairs I have. I will and I will find and wear them. Talking about contact lens, if you do wear them, take care of your eyes. You only have one pair of eyes, don't sacrifice your eyes for beauty.

I am on the hunt for a pretty pink or white lace dress, if you came across any, please pin it for me or tell me. Because I am desperate for those pretty lace stuff. I am not girly, but I can promise you. It is possible to transform a girly dress to something really my style. Because you know, I will never compromise myself to taking into other people's style, because that is not being true to myself.

Read my blog about me trying to be true to my own :

Just a reminder to all those lovely people out there, I mean like, you all are beautiful people. Never let yourself get overpowered by someone else = stay true to what you really are.

I have new blogs coming up as you know. Do look forward to it and visit my blog to view them or get reminders by following my instagram : @nsnceline <3

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