Wednesday, 2 April 2014

March Favourites 2014

Welcome to my March Favourites! This is a platform where I re-call what I loved last month~

So let's just jump into it shall we.

Firstly, I have its this Special K blueberry cereal bars.

I always wanted to try out cereal bars because it is usually really low in calories and it fills up the stomach pretty well, I heard. So when I went to the mart, I saw it was on sale, buy 1 get another box free. IM LIKE, WHY NOT. I tried the real flakes of cereals of Special K, it sucked really badly, which made me really taken back.

BUT I was crazily wrong, this taste really sweet and super LOVELY. I have a sweet tooth, I am constantly hungry. This is like the solve to a really hard math equation. It fills up my tummy and my cravings. how cool.

Next, it's this babies I bought.

I cannot deny this has been my go-to shoes. It is high, but I can manage, of course. I trip alittle, I embarrass myself in the public but I CAN'T STOP WEARING IT. It goes with every outfit I wear. I can't help it. My hands just go to this pair of shoe.

Some people ask me, is it awkward for me to wear heels because I am already taller than most of the girls. My answer is sometimes but I usually don't care at all. It makes me feel good, why not? Another reason would be, my girlfriend is about the same height as me, so.... dang it.


Bad hair day, after my haircut, my hair has been like not loving me ever since. So my saving grace, a cap. I don't enjoy beanie because honestly, It make me head feels so hot.

I got this from SCAPE.

For B*tches that can't shut up, there you go.

For cosmetics : dolly wink eyeliner

Dolly wink is a popular japanese by Tsubasa.  I mean like, there are many eyeliners out there, I have been using this alot. Look how cute the packaging is... I mean like it is freaking pink. PINK PINK.

: Lancome L'ABSOLU ROUGE 369.

I have been like up to the set for Nude Lipstick because it creates a clean feeling to the whole look going on. Because I like to wear crazy outfits, so I need to have something to tone the whole exciting feeling down. yknow me.

NEXT its another bottle of Victoria Secret, Forever Pink.

I used this alot. I carry the whole bottle of this wherever I go. School, Camp, Tuition, Dinner. I spray alot of this, no matter how much you spray it is going to wear of in like 2hrs, it is such a bad thing but I couldn't stop using this.

No book recommendation this month because I have not completed the book, and yes I bought more books to read. Have I really became a bookworm? NOOOOO.

I have been loving singlets, esp those with lace or with pattern yet plain. One look, oh basic, second look, OMG. I like that feeling.

Thats all for my March Favs!

Thanks for reading honey pies <3

GoodLuck x

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