Monday, 14 April 2014


Have a bite on how sweet dreams taste like.


Sometimes I really hate how people nag at me.

Honestly, you said once, I heard. Said twice, reminded. Said thrice, JUST STFU WILL YOU.

I am no rational express girl. Nor I am some Hong Kong radio station that can keeping keep talking and say yes.

I don't honestly mind if you nag when I am free, BUT if I am clearly busy, oh my don't you have a stand in your life your something.

Why do people like to repeat what they have said again and again and again and again for so many times for the same purpose.

I am sitting infront of my laptop, clearly busy tweeting on twitter and posting selfies on instagram will you just let me do all of those. joking.


Why does parents always have this mentality that if I had time to sit infront of the laptop it means that I am gaming.

I am not stupid, exams are so near.

Ain't nobody got excuses to fail examinations.

Ok, back to the nagging part. How do I explain this, do I have to make a hella video to talk to you all about how to stop nagging at people.

Honestly, if you have siblings like I do, you would most likely experience this as well.

The Parent-Siblings. Where your siblings are like your mother/father or rather worse than them. I cannot stand it how she nags at me and tryin' act like she is so damn big and trying to affect my life. But of course she is affecting my life because she lives here right in the same house as mine. phew.

Just so you know, I dislike people to keep reminding me of what I need to do, if its really important, I am going to have to do it anyways.

Just a penny for thought, changed the header of my blog, does it look better?

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