Friday, 25 April 2014

Sports Day 2014

HEY GUYS~ just to update you about what happened just today. I was really kind of exited so I was just like, I SHOULD JUST TYPE, UPLOAD AND POST. This post has absolutely no editing. So pardon my lousy English okay~

So today was my school's annual sports day event. Actually I was not much looking forward to it, because I always think that sports day is just really a waste of time, a pain, always has intention to skipping but I never did for the past 3 years.

It was a pretty much fun and hyper day. I was just really hyper and really happy for THE WHOLE EVENT. I was walking everywhere, taking pictures with everybody and just making new memories while I can. So I was just really elated.

I have lots of photos to come by, It is confirm a spam so.. I hope you do not get to bored over this. Because I think for today, nothing speaks better than the pictures taken.

DO NOT WORRY. All the pictures are all taken by my camera with the better lens so it should be pretty clear and nice. So.. Scroll down now <3

thanks for reading this whole bunch of pictures... pictures can be read. 

ig: @nsnceline 

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