Sunday, 6 April 2014

WGS awesome 2014


Okay, so, for the wgs awesome 2014 results. I was placed the 2nd !!!!!!!! if you have seen my instagram you would have known! 

Honestly I never thought I would emerge top 3 because the other competitors are honestly stronger than me. So I went to the prize presentation with a really light heart BUT it was racing still! I do not know why.... Just racing really quick and pounding actually.

When my name was announced the second I was like, (( AINT EVEN JOKING )) : HOLY CRAP OMG COOL WHY YESSSSS WHY OMG THANKS(????) YAY.

I stunned for a moment if anyone realized, embarrassing hehe.

For those who voted me on LMS, my friends. Thank you for giving me your faith.

In this whole competition thing, or I rather call it a game. I auditioned for the sake of fun because it was the last time I could join it, apparently I was wrong you can join in Sec 4 as well, the first audition was nerve-wrecking although I just joined for the fun. I was shaking and the judges were all like giving me the heck out of face. I still remember I was shaking when I sung, my voice was like ~~~~~~~. If you get it..... it was quite a wild experience though. I sang Umbrella by Rihanna.

The second round of audition which is the semi-final. Firstly, special thanks to Sherrie, Kelvin and Keekong for being there with me for my audition, I would have been more nervous if I didn't have their mental support.  So, there are about 30 people if I am not wrong. I sang Hopelessly Devoted to you by Oliver Newton John. This song was chosen by my father, he thought that this song would really suit my voice so he chose this. AND YES, my family are aware of me entering this program and they are super supportive ( I will come back to this because I have loads of things I want to share). CAN YOU BELIEVE I ACTUALLY CRACKED MY VOICE AND FORGOTTEN THE LYRICS. I was totally freaking out on stage and I my mind totally went blank because I was so nervous.

It is like a freaking deer crashing together with a giraffe and both got hung up to a tree and was used as pikachu's lightning bolt. That was honestly how nervous I was.

For finals, as many of you know I sang Adam Lambert's Never close our eyes. I was hesitating over so many different songs because I really wanted to choose a song that can suit my voice. At first I settled down with Take a Bow by Rihanna, After that it became Taylor Swift's Back to December, Roar by Katy Perry. On the date of submission for the song choice, I sent in Leona Lewis's Bleeding Love (( it was about 2 weeks before the first rehearsal). I practiced hard, and really hard. My sister was my consultant, oh well, she is really good at picking my pitch problems and stuff like this, like an instructor.

So time went by and I was still practicing Bleeding Love, until my throat start to hurt like mad. I strained my voice too hard, because BL was like a level Asian game play song. We are not suppose to change our song choice after we submitted but I explained my situation to the teacher and she agreed to change so, I chose Never close our eyes. I was actually debating between Hush Hush and NCOE, so I chose the other instead. You know what I mean. I changed the song, 1 day before the rehearsal. Yes, all my practice for Bleeding Love was gone case.

So, I started to sing NCOE, on SUNDAY, and rehearsal is on MONDAY. My throat have not fully recovered at that time, so I totally cannot hit the high note as well. And!!!!!!!! I DID NOT KNOW IT WAS SO NERVOUS EVEN IF IT IS JUST REHEARSAL. I was shaking, I really was. That moment I thought that, how should I perform on the real stage if I cannot even stand firm for just a rehearsal.

So after a week after the first rehearsal, there was a second rehearsal. It was full dress rehearsal so I wore the clothes I chose. A black tank with just ripped jeans. Simple yet edgy, totally true to my style. BUT, my top was rejected because it was cropped.

Still.... the top is from scape, jeans are from Bangkok and shoes were from and my gloves are DIY-ed. OHYA and necklace was from Tiffany&co.

The second rehearsal was so much better than the first one I was not nervous AT ALL. I don't feel alittle startled at all. I guess I am more used to the stage. I think it just all mental. OHYA, and all the participants and the stage crews got a slip that we could get out of class at 11 15 am to get prepared for the stage.

So the next day after the second rehearsal was the actual performance ( 1st of April ). There is a dry run before the real thing starts. I was pretty much warming up for the REAL THING. idk why I need to repeat that so many times but THE REAL THING IS COMING. I don't feel nervous until the moment I had to step out to sing, I wasn't like OMG I AM SO DAMN NERVOUS. I was just nervous.

To me, this stage is was I deserved because I practiced so hard for it. I am glad people enjoyed my performance and I am glad I join this, although it sucked like mad.

And yeah, special thanks to my family, they made me practice alot and they helped me a lot and made me feel like I am truly something. And of course not forgetting my baes, Alexi, Sherrie , Kelvin , KeeKong , Glen that really gave me the energy to succeed.

That is all for words.. It is pretty long? or is it not. If you read it all the way till here, GOOD. Let me give you a virtual hug.

I have many pictures taken, so I shall go with it !

ig : nsnceline

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