Friday, 23 May 2014

Drugstore Cosmetics

HEY guys! So I am going to share with you about today, the23 of May.

It's a Friday and guess what, I am a badass and I didn't attend school..... joke, I was ill. Couldn't get up so apparently I just slept all the way.

The most irritating thing happened, I woke up and it was freaking 5am. And I was like it is still 5am~ But apparently, my digital clock went haywire and shown 6.40 as 5am. Don't you hate it when your clock is crazy. Well, mine is digital so I just set it back to what it is suppose to be. And got my ass off the bed.

I made pasta for breakfast and yeah, I should not have bought the other brand of pasta. It has a really strong, what would you call it "noodle" taste? Although so, I still finished all and it was more filling than usual, not sure why but recently I have been eating a lot that I rarely feel full. I just I over reached my stomach capacity. It's bad for your health, please do not learn.

Other thing I have been loving is fruits and water. I have been drinking loads and loads of water recently, BUT MY PIMPLE IS STILL NOT GOING AWAY, I am really having real trouble here trying to heal this huge acne I have... But I love fruits especially mangoes, nowadays its mango season so I have been really excited and just eating a lot of mangoes. I also like to add mangoes inside my water and leave it in the fridge until its chilled and drink it. Its good for your health, of course you can also substitute it with other detox fruits.

and yes, one day instructor.

and OHYA, I went to Watsons today and got a few stuffs so I thought that I will just show you some cosmetic products I got from there, affordable and good quality!

First we have NYX lipstick, I got it in the shade Tea Rose  and Electra. Tea Rose is a pretty neutral pinkish nude shade which I think would really suit some of my bold outfits where I just want to tone down my face a little bit. Electra is a dark red colour, I would say it is not a berry colour, it is literally dark red which I think will be amazing to add up to my lipstick collection. I heard many good reviews about NYX lipsticks and they are affordable if you are going for a long trip with just one. I got it on sale for $9.90 per tube.

Next we have this light black and brown MAYBELLINE HYPER SHARP LINER. For those who didn't know I am already obsessed with the hyper sharp liner for quite a long time, I think it was the first liquid eyeliner I ever gotten and have been still constantly using it. When I heard this series is going to have 2 other new colours. I just had to get it, the colour looked very nice. It is pretty smudge and water proof and I drew lines on my hands and it didn't go away even until this moment that I am typing.

MAYBELLINE's clear smooth concealor stick in the shade 02 natural. It is actually my very first concealer stick. Because all of this time I just feel like I do not need to use it, but now heh. My dark circles are getting a little intense and my pimples, and the lady actually said that buy 1 get the 2nd one half priced off any product. Well so I got the liner and concealer stick. Not sure about the formula but I heard it worked pretty well too.

Lastly this sheet masks. I actually saw it on the Watson's web and I see many wonderful reviews about the masks. There are so many range so I only took 3 boxes with each has 5 sheets of masks. Have not personally tried it yet but I will soon, and I will tell you guys soon!

The rest of the things I got are just junk food. Chocolates and Skittles.

Hope you like this post! Come stop by my blog soon alright!

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