Thursday, 22 May 2014


So for most of you who are really curious if I really did chop off my hair, yes I did, just the back have some that are alittle more longer. And usually if I tie up my hair, my hair looks longer than usual. Not sure why! But I am pretty sure that I look younger and more refreshed. I am still pretty impressed with this hair style and not sure if anyone could feel the same as me. Just I met new people this week and they asked if I am 12.

Honestly I am pretty tired because I am super busy this week. Not joking when I say I am super busy but I am. CCA, Shooting, School and everything are going and going and going and going. Coming back home super late, honestly I have been sleeping at 9 or 10. Early like no one is kicking me to actually do shits.

And yes! I got my new shoes, wondering if you guys would like to see a FULL BLOWN shoe collection.

Honestly I really have nothing to share with you guys so I am going to spam this post with loads of pictures!

Do tell me if I should shoot a shoe collection!

ig: nsnceline

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