Monday, 12 May 2014

Interesante humans?

What a crazily hot afternoon. But I am in a good shape and good mood now because EXAM IS OUT. You know that feeling when your exam stress is released and a severe headache just comes in and attack you ? I kind of suffer from that now, my head just hurt a lot. Not sure if it's the weather, curse this.

Nevertheless, marking the end of examinations means the awaiting of the results, make me feel kind of really anxious because I know I did not put in all my effort. Well, I did... at first, just me for getting lazy and piled work after that. I am a lazy person as you can see. Maybe I have the hardworking face?

Recently I have been thinking of really weird thinking about how certain things are so fragile and so easily broken. Especially that mini you living inside of you. That mini you overpowers you if you let it go haywire. Honestly we all know it exist, we all know we must control and surpass certain feelings, to be calm and cooling-ly react to certain circumstances. If you wonder how this mini me works?  It can lead you to different places in life. If you keep it happy and positive, it will eventually lead you to a really rad and a place filled with joy and laughter. If you keep it sad, you will just end up being depressed and hate everything beautiful in your life, and even resort to hurting yourself.

I hate all insects, mosquitoes , ants, flies, beetles, I HATE ALL OF THEM. Although I really rarely find something interesting, I find humans interesting on how they can go back on their words and do things to hurt their own species because I never seen any animal nor insect go back against their own kind. Maybe that's why people say  " Animals die faster because they have already learnt how to be loyal, kind, love at the same time, humans just take longer. " I totally understand why.

Who knows what might happen in the nearest future, maybe the next second after you read this blog post what will happen. I just get more and more upset typing this blog post as I feel the lack within us. There is so many things we can be doing outside now, but there is just that handfull of people who just need to get a life. I do not give exceptions to anyone because you, you who are reading this, what are you suppose to do now instead? Or after?

JUST YEAH, do not want to talk about upsetting society. Last Friday was Jenn Im's Singapore last minute meet and greet and I BLOODY SAW THE REAL HER. OH MY GOSH. I cannot say how taken aback, how much I love her. I still remembered the time where I stumbled over her channel on youtube, she had about 450,000 subscribers. She was the first youtuber I came across that does fashion on the net. I was just so whoomed and swooshed and the tingling feeling when I saw her, imagine HOW MUCH I ADORE HER. It is seriously the most huffed up thing that I didn't managed to take a picture with her because I WAS LITERALLY 1 PERSON AWAY FROM HER OKAY.  I swear I cried after she left because I was so close but I am still really glad that I saw her. Literally, she made my month or rather my year. I never even dream of her coming Singapore because it is so rare that famous youtuber comes to Singapore. I love you Jenn. OH YA, she commented on my picture which made me really happy and appreciated. <:

Thats about all for now, I will come back soon.

ig: @nsnceline

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