Sunday, 4 May 2014


Looking at the title, you would have already know what I want to share today~

So, last Friday Night, I went to a Korean restaurant, it is actually really far from my house. But I think the food quality is really worth the transportation fee and all the time for travelling.

I went to eat with my father's friends from overseas. It really has been a long time since I knew them too, I guess it was about.... going to 8 years I guess? I was very young back then but I remembered clearly, the first time I met them was because my dad has to pass something to them and he brought me along. Just so you know, they live in KL.

So, of course it is nice to see them again after 1 year or so. Although they are my father's business partners, well, I (me) do not see them as often as he does.

We had to actually book the table in advance because there is so many people and THANK GOD we did. Because when we arrived, the place was just filled with people, and of course, Koreans.

The moment I walked inside of the restaurant and ready to sit, there is a lady who has been staring at me for long and I was just like : SHUMURRRRRR, does she want to fight or something? But of course that is just my imagination. She came up to me and asked me if I was Korean. And my reaction was like, OHHHHHHHH, no. I am not Korean apparently, I am Chinese. No, not mixed not anything. Pure Chinese, I would say it is pretty obvious, my eyes are apparently Asian.

I laughed it off because it is so awkward.

As you know, Korean cuisine is originated from Korea. They have many side dishes along the main dishes. Well, I remember when I went to Korean, they had about 17 side dishes, which just filled the table. (( I tried finding the picture but I can't  )),  this restaurant served about 10 over too. In which, a bonus, I heard from my brother's girlfriend that it tasted most near to what she used to eat, and yes again my brother's girlfriend is a Korean.

So I ate a lot, it was one of the hell of a hell sinful type of meals I usually try to avoid but I swear I was super hungry because I did not have breakfast nor lunch. DO NOT LEARN, eat your meals frequently, especially if you are on a diet. Because if I only could eat 1 meal per day, I think I would eat more than what I used to have in 3 meals.

So, OOTD to share. I am shamelessly wearing this topshop dress over and over again because, it is good for a party, casual date, anything. Shoes are from rubi that I have not worn for ages, actually I haven't been wearing flats that often, unless schooling. My necklace is from Tiffany&Co. And I am wearing my usual makeup routine.

So, if you want to eat good Korean food and do not mind that the price is a little pricy, you can DM me via Twitter or IG, I will be happy to recommend you.

Lots of pictures because lighting was perfect. * prays photo quality is alright *

Ig: @nsnceline

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