Sunday, 1 June 2014

May Favourites 2014

Welcome to my favourites post! this is the segment where I recall what I have loved last month~

Firstly I have the Marc Jacobs DAISY hand lotion.

I have never committed myself to a certain brand of hand cream because there is just so many type out there in the market, I think I won't even be able to try out 50% of the whole range. But this was definitely a  good thing because I got this FOR FREE. I don't remember how I got this but I remembered I got it FOC. It has a floral based scent, which made it extra girly. ALTHOUGH I am on this face of life where everything is just colourless, black, whites, grey. This scent just made is a little colourful within.

Flourine Notebook.

I got this book from daiso. yes, it is $2 only. The book contain blank pages with floral lining. I use this book to jot down things that I am grateful for every single day. I know I don't look like someone who does this type of things but honestly I feel good writing some stuffs inside. Seeing how certain things have changed along time. Able to read back and understand how much things that I can be grateful for in life. I strongly encourage you to write too, but of course it is not compulsary. I just thought that we must all learn how to appreciate even the smallest things in life.

Ruffles Chips.

I actually got this out of curiosity 2 months back. In case you didn't know I am a savory type of girl. I eat lots of chips and junk food, AND YES I did cut down on them because it is not that good for health. But this is freaking good. I promise you. If you do love chips like me, this is bomb thing for you ok. OK.

Book Recommendation

The fault in our stars by john green. This book was bragged by many people, just I have not been really up for the story lines. I often prefer action books than love stories. But this book shows the point in life where you were happy and lose it because you gain something back. I will be a spoiler if I ever did tell you the story. Read it, I recommend you this if you are starter reader too, the story was just plot so nicely it made me cry.

Next is song reccomendations!

Not sure if I have already recommended this but, its Ga In's Fxxk You.

And Ga In's Bloom

This both songs shows a little of sexuality contents, or rather not really. If you are up for it go for it.


Thanks for reading!


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