Friday, 9 May 2014

Mother's Day?

It's that special day for the women who loved you even when she doesn't know who you were inside of her. The person who loved you unconditionally, continuously even you did something bad. Your mother.

So, Mothers Day is just next week, it's on the 13th on May if you guys did not know! Hence, I did this blog post to hopefully inspire you to get something for your mother.

My tradition among me and my siblings are that, every alternate year we buy a necklace or charm for my mother, so apparently this is the year where it's going to happen, not sure if we are going to do it or what but pray we did, rarely have time altogether because my brother now serves the army and just rarely see him nowadays.

So firstly a disclaimer, NO ONE PAID ME TO DO THIS. All of the items were bought with my money.


Pandora, yes you guys know the recent craziness over Pandora bracelets, and their exquisite charms that each on holds a different meaning behind it. I guess the unique feeling of the bracelet came out new and fresh so it's pretty much an attraction for many people. This is what my dad bought for me, out of the blue, but yes, my family women, or girls each has one Pandora bracelet. Though we have different series charms. So yes, if your mother has Pandora bracelet already, you can obviously buy a charm for her so she can add on to her collection!

Just a necklace, it can be expensive or not does not matter. There are so many different shop selling different type of necklace and designs. Although it is a little risky because you will never know what type of design and pattern she likes. BUT fear not, because if you buy from shops like Citigems, SK, they have this refund policy where you can go change for a different design so it's all good!

Maybe you can go for the cheaper alternative by getting your mom her favourite dessert! Of course you can get some cake mix from your local grocery shop.

Who doesn't love chocolates, chocolates is a women's best friend of course. I got this strawberry and oreo kitkats at Japan. I am not sure if Singapore sells this but it taste super awesome like some holy ring. I believe any strawberry lovers will do this. Awesome!

I believe all mother's should be pampered like this. I saw this really cute mask at tonymoly and I just had to get it. No matter what they work as, coming back late or housewife. They are the person who knows everything. I was told that parents were all controlled by a universal remote. as girls as women we all love products like this. Sometimes Its the little thought that counts.

There is endless presents you can give. but the best gift will definately be your time, and interaction with them means the most to them.

Spend time with them like you want to because, it definitely meant something to them.

How long have you not said I love you mom, goodnight sweet dreams? Do it.


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