Saturday, 31 May 2014

Power of Makeup

One of the rarest time where I just bombshell all my makeup to my face and just let it be. I swear this is not how I normally look like, my eyes are so damn huge, not even joking. But I guess this is how the power of makeup transform many people's life.

Guys say they like girls who are natural looking, natural this, natural that. But honestly nowadays how many things are natural? I mean natural as in, total bare face, totally never dress up. Honestly I think all girls want to be pretty. I will take a life example off my life to tell you a story and prove you in this world, there is only lazy woman, no ugly woman.

If someone take extra effort, to draw that eyeliner and apply that mascara for you. Be god damn grateful, because she took time to make herself look prettier for you. She took the extra effort to get more of your attention.
Girl, I want to say. Even you don't do makeup, it counts if you took more than 10minutes thinking what you are going to wear. Whether this or that fit.

I am sick and tired of people saying that wearing makeup is being insecure because I am not insecure even with my bare face. I feel that putting on makeup just make me feel better of myself and an extra boost to my confidence. Like my sister, honestly everyone that goes out with me always mistake her as my mother. It is that extreme. But honestly, she is just effing lazy. If she put in some effort, she is some hot stuff I swear. If she walk across the road, there will be many eyes on her.

I understand how judgmental the world is nowadays and if you just do what you feel like doing, there will be people looking every second. When I was finding my style, I got alot of weird stares, because honestly I am also still experimenting with colours and pattern. But HI, judge me all you want, it just makes me feel like going more bold.

Special thanks to Panpuri  scent and makeup for letting me join in the conference talk.

Thanks for reading! AND YES, HOLIDAY ARRIVED!!!!!!!!!!


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