Thursday, 29 May 2014

Special day of someone's life

Today is someone's birthday, I mean like he had been through somewhat hell together with me. So this somewhat birthday dedication, of course you can continue reading too because you might learn something out of it somehow.

So, first off, Happy Birthday! Honestly there was quite a period when we drift. I know there must be something keeping you avoiding me and shits but apparently it is over now. Kind of like it when we have stupid things going on between us, aka inside jokes. Honestly I like inside jokes a lot because it makes me feel more closer towards that individual. Something only we both experience.

I have not thanked you for this, I want to thank you for sacrificing much of your time to just listen to my stories and rants when honestly only few really does understands what is inside of what I am feeling. Telling me silly jokes, making every minute we spent with each other a fun filled one, a fulfilling one.

I know I am not a good person, because they say I am a person who ditches when I have someone new, but you stand at my side. Somewhat to me, I really appreciate when someone expresses that they stand close in my line. I don't think everyone agrees to what I say totally. Duh, we are all different and special in our way, just like how you are special in your own way.

I just want to tell you that, everyone has their own flaws, but I kind of see the light in those flaws. Because you are beautiful within and I know it. Others may treat you like shit, or did I too.... You changing and behaving in another way to fit it kind of hurts me because, I know how tiring is it to act like you are like this every single day. Just I have learnt earlier than you about how to not give a shit towards certain things.

Time is a monster than never stops working. When we reach a delusional stage of our lives, many things would have changed. Who knows we might even forget each other's existence 5 years down the road as we advance in to the New World? So, now we should just think lesser and be happier, while studying obviously. Make studying fun in a way, joke studying is never fun but we have to because this world is just cruel if you do not have that certain certificate.

I want to bring the message out that, everyone was born into this world with a mission in hand. Once you complete your mission, that is when you go back to where you belong and receive your next mission in the next life. Birthdays are a sign that time is clicking faster than you think, faster than the clouds. Some people's mission are harder than others, but do not compare it that way. Because you given this task because I believe you can handle it.

Enough of all this. Hope you like that voice thing, I know it sucked quite a bit. Still hope you listened to it well. Thanks for being born.


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