Saturday, 17 May 2014

To those people...

"To those people, who never believed in you.

To those people, who decided to leave you.

To those people, who left you all alone.

To those people, who thinks the world revolves around them.

To those people, who thinks just because they are older.

To those people, who will just never understand.

To those people, who feel inferior.

To those people, who despise.

To those people, who try to suffer all the pain alone.

To those people, who has no one to turn to.

To those people, who felt like the world is against them.

To those people, who never tried to feel.

To those people, who failed their studies.

To those people, who thinks that they are a failure.

To those people, who has constant sad thoughts going through their brain uncontrollably in the middle of the night, shocked up, woke up and start to cry because you realised that all of what happened was just a lie.

I know.



Isn't life just all a lie, from the moment I wake up from the bed. I must lose myself and begin to act.

Isn't THIS CENTURY life, to just be what the society wants us to be.

I feel like everyone, or at least what I have observed on the internet, on twitter, on instagram. Let me tell you what I see, I see pictures of self destruction. I see pictures of people cutting. I see pictures of people depressed. I see pictures of people unhappy at the age of 11. I see pictures of words that hurts within the inside, that you secretly know it is the sad truth.

I was born in the year 1999, I was the last batch of the 90s kids. If you say, one year does not make such big difference, I am sorry but to slam it on your face that NO, it has a HUGE difference. Many of our education system changed ever since the 20s start, the way of teaching starts to change, the attitude starts to change. I guess there are parents who are actually scared of their kids rather than the usual opposite manner. Of course I cannot say that 2000s kids are terrible and disgusting because I was never part of them to understand the " new culture ".

People nowadays, even primary school kids are trying to slash themselves, why? Because its cool? If you have this mentally sick mind, please change immediately because if you cut to fit it, you are with the wrong bunch of people in your life. You need to stay away from them.

The other thing I want to touch on is, results doesn't determine on what a person you are. You are beautiful, if your heart is beautiful. I do not have perfect grades so I can say this on my stand, I have subjects that fails, I have borderline passes, I have some subjects where I ace. I believe you too, maybe you are just another person who have more of a creative mind. Use your good points to keep a drive. There are times where you studied really hard but your grades are still being a bad boy, it is okay. Because YOU know what you have put into to achieve this. Another way I would say, we are all on a scale where we are constantly measured by the numbers that shows up on our report card.

It is a sad truth that nobody can change. So we have to just learn to adapt.

A side note, what the teacher says might hurt. I know, I am from the last class. Teachers like to make comparison that " your results are worse than the last class. "  Honestly, they do not know where it hurts because, are we that bad that we are in the last class? Some people chose to come into the class because it is the only class that offers the 3 different elective.

This day I overheard this girl's conversation with her classmate, " I feel so devastated... I only got a 70 marks for my Science. " ER, hello, I would be happy to just get a pass. I swear if I hear this type of sh*ts again I will be on fire.

Because nowadays, you are either having examinations or already receiving your results. So I want to make it clear that, your grades does not define who you are. I love you, because that it the real you.

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