Saturday, 7 June 2014

Aesthetic Night IV

Performing Arts or PA for short, is one of the hardest industry in the world. Students will suffer rejections, sore throat, swollen toes.  Performing is a way of life plus school, and the school part is easier. But if you flunk at dancing, acting, singing or playing your instruments, YOU'RE OUT. Any questions?

Every single performer on stage, wants their hard work to be paid off. Staying back from school till 6.30 or 7. Has been our life for the past weeks and all we do is practice the same old routine, over and over and over again. How fun can that be? Boring. But, that is what it takes to carry yourself up to the biggest stage. The constant reminder, the constant practices, the constant nags across. Let's give each and every single minute some credits and know that, because you decided to give up your time for this special performance.

That is a performer's life.

Second Time. This is the second time I have been to Aesthetic Night. But, this time with a whole different bunch of people. Now, I am the only senior left. Remembering the past years, I was always the only one from the whole batch that got into ZR. Never felt so lucky before. Previous Aesthetic Night was really, nerve wrecking and nervous. But now, as time and experience hits me, I became the one comforting my juniors to stay calm and be focus.

Everyone is different in person. But when they are united, their differences make the lock between them. In an Orchestra, we keep a look out for one another, ensuring they are on beat, on track with the song and when they really got lost, we help them get back to where they are from.

So, let me tell you about my experience. The whole theme for the AN is FAME. So, the whole concept was people go for an audition for a famous art school, acting, singing, dancing or instrumentalist. I have 2 performance which made it extra hectic because I have to change within a certain timing for the next stage.

The first stage was actually to sing, with 3 other beautiful ladies, Royals. I was honestly taken back by this song because I feel that it does not suit my voice at all. But I went head-on-head with the song and made it alright. I was feeling really awkward to share stage with other people, honestly because I have no experience singing with others on stage, well that is because I am usually alone. Where I just let myself all out. But what I have learnt from singing with others is YOU GIRL, have to dim down your sparkle, and let other be equally as shiny. Because we are a team, just like a band or a bunch of actors. We have to have the same amount of power than so we can each stand out as much.

The next performance was of course, my WGSCO, chinese orchestra. We played Rolling in the Deep and way back into love. Both are really pop songs but I prefer Rolling in the Deep though. It was a really exciting and fun stage to be on seriously because it is like a rock band. Conductor was just conducting easily, freely, and making sure there is ZERO, tensions needed. There are some people asking me, non PAs, why do we need a conductor when we can play by ourselves. I think it is a very good question, all I know is, whenever we perform a song without OUR conductor, Mr Low CY. It feels empty. I do not know why, and it feel something is not going to go well. He keeps our pace and honestly, I feel, the whole orchestra is relying on him too, I am no exception and he does a real excellent job in handling all of our indifference and combining them into one.

Of course, my loving section Zhong Ruan. I really have to give them some credit, for making me smile, for making the whole experience in AN amazing. We have too much memories to not remember as time goes by. This is the performance where we really showed care towards each other. Just, I those memories are well kept inside of my heart deep inside. Never fail to make me laugh and forget all of the saddest thought I have. They just kills sad cells.

All the teachers, runners, backstage boys, stage manager. Special thanks to Ms Jwen Lim, Mdm Farah, Mr Low, Mr Oh, all the CO teacher-in-charge and my members of CO. My bestfriend forever, Sherrie and Alexi for being there just for me.

I have so much things I want to say, I am going to break this into 2 parts maybe.

There will be a huge explosion of pictures coming up.

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