Thursday, 19 June 2014

Airplane flew

Don't you hate it when you are so excited to go out and realise the other part couldn't make it anymore?

Like this fly aeroplane, if you don't know what fly Aeroplane is, basically just someone who ditch you on a date or outing. 

SUCKS. I prepared for nothing so I just took some photos.

I know the new header is not that pretty, well, it is just a temporary one for now because I am so sick of the previous one. 

Took this photos just awhile ago.

So, this is the outfit.

Top: bangkok
Skorts: Nastygal
Jacket: Miyoc
Lips: Revlon Siren.

This top is kind of haltered but kind of not. I think the sexiest part of a female body is their shoulders and so this top kind of show the shoulders off. At the bottom of the top, there is actually lace patterns and made me want to pair it with something white, hence I wore this. So it kind of flows down nicely into one piece. And I layered on a baseball jacket to make the outfit look cuter and more sporty. I was going to wear some white sandels together with this anyways.


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