Monday, 16 June 2014

Bangkok City + VLOG!

Just back from the whole wind whirls in Bangkok and yes, I am back home right now, its 3.08am at this moment. Dying to edit my vlogs and trying to consolidate all the pictures and recall what I have done for the past 4 days.

Honestly, I did nothing except for walking around, shopping. Not sight seeing or anything like that because Bangkok is my paradise. Because there are some shops which I personally go EVERY SINGLE TIME I am in BKK. They sell really unique things. As you guys know I am really late for trends and not up for them because I don't feel a need to.

I bought a few tie dye shirt. I thought I would be really cute to just wear them around with some shorts. While I had the best buy along the streets where they sell BLAZERS. okay, okay blazers. You must be like must be more than $30. Even if it is $30 it is considered cheap BUT it only cost $4, hold up. Honestly, I would just buy 10 of those. the rest are for later.

SO, my OOTDs. All taken by my dearest father, he make me look tall idk.

Day 1: circle circle dot dot

I am wearing this dress from bangkok. I cut off the sleeves.

Shoes: cream converse
Hoodie: BFs, H&M
Necklace: tiff&co

This outfit makes flight pleasant yet presentable. I always love wearing dresses to sleep because it is so comfortable wearing them to bed. Really, not a joke. The converse is getting dirty, which I really like, as it ages and get dirt, the more it looks amazing. Something about clean converse.... no.


Day 2: Feminine Sweat

Top: Scape
Bottoms: Thailand
Shoes: converse
Shades: H&M

So, the pants was bought on the first day and I washed it in the hotel and wore it the next day. I know I was going to walk a whole load that day and want to get comfortable, and feel okay. I do not want to wear something so tight that I might feel insecure about but, this is not in my comfort zone too. Just as I think, I have short legs so I tend to avoid long pants and anyho, I go all out because, No one will judge me there anyways.


Day 3: Orange Pop

Top: thailand
Pants: idk..
Shoes: Slippers

I actually  went to a super hot place, outdoor, thats why I am floating into the FBT type of shorts but denim which made it extra cute and amazing. This outfit is something I would wear if I was going to lay around once I reach my destination.


Day 4: Classy length

Dress: killer pies
Hoodie: H&M
Shoes: new ones I bought from bkk
Necklace: tiff&co

This is the outfit, I always wanted to try, but too afraid to try. Because I do not have a perfect figure, I am afraid someone will actually judge me. So I tried there first, it turns out to be an attention piece. I received compliments even from other tourist from Europe.  I was really gald. But this is something I would wear to the town in sg.


when we are there, Father's Day hit us like a rocking mountain. But whatsoever, allow me to realise how much he worked hard to make sure we are not hungry and get what we desire. Especially when we are not in Singapore. He display the role of a father, even stronger. To protect us and make sure we are safe, to make sure we are together and not seperated, plan meals. All of that are just simple examples for Parenting, he did well. I am a princess, which made him a King.

This trip inspired me a lot to just be myself. Why? I have been trying out different styles of fashion over there. Things that are directly out of my comfort zone. Why did I chose there? People don't know me there, so I have the freedom to try out new things and not get judged like some low life people here. Thinking that they have the best fashion in the world. Well, the best fashion in the world, is your original brand. You are original, why down-grade yourself to a 2nd class item?

And what I realise about Thai Girl's fashion is that, they love colourful things just because all their uniforms are black and white so they would prefer to wear coloured items, that is what I conclude but they wear them boldly. Non of the girls would go out without putting on a good makeup. Because why not look hot as eff?

I swear my red lips are so addictive and nice. If you are confident enough, wear a bold lip. It is going to make you shine through others just because YOU DARE. For the guys, wear any thing, be yourself, because that is where you become attractive towards others.


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