Wednesday, 25 June 2014


It has been long since I felt so helpless. It is so personal that I don't think I can even share it here, although all of you, I am not sure who, but this blog gave me a lot of reasons to smile. It gave me so many opportunities to be myself.

It really has been long since I would even want to share my unhappiness. But I just do not know what will happen if all of this just stays inside of my heart.

Seeing someone you genuinely think that you know, turning into something you have never known, is really scary. My heart felt like it was torn into pieces, when I saw I that I was a sacrifice. So I was nothing?

If leaving you was the only choice I can take, I will leave, because what is the point of staying if nothing is going to make you happy anymore? I am human, I am selfish, I want to be happy, I hate being upset, I hate being driven all the way to the side of the wall and have nowhere else to go.

If leaving you will make both me and you happy, I will do it.

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