Sunday, 22 June 2014

Leather Slouch

So I have an outfit to share, this is what I wore last friday. If you follow me on instagram you would have most likely saw this outfit already.

Leather Slouch

Top : bangkok
Bottoms: F21
Shoes: Cream high top converse
Cardigan: topshop
Bag: MK

This is honestly deep in my comfort zone. It is so comfortable and relaxed. I love how the cardigan give it an extra slouch to the whole look. The maroon top I am wearing has some textured pattern to it hence it looks amazing when it is paired with a different type of material, leather. I love how the contradicting pieces can come to a bomb and create something amazing. Just like humans, 2 different people click the best because they fill up each other's flaws and less.

So, talking about my bag, it is a hella expensive bag. Whenever I hold this bag out, there will be woman looking down at my bag and looking up to check my face, judging if the bag is real. Sorry to say but, if you ever see brands on my items, it is real. Because it will be really awkward if someone realised that your bag or wallet was a copy. I will never take it out, if it is not authentic.

And, recently I have been seeing girls thinking that everyone else is better than them, slice their hands to release the pain they are having. I am sorry but I am not sorry for you, nor I am going to help you. Because for you to take up that piece of cutter to do it. I just, can't. I am sorry but you are beautiful, remember.

ig: @nsnceline

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