Wednesday, 11 June 2014

OOTW (( outfits of the week ))


Leather jacket from H&M
Top from Shopsosie
Tights from H&M
Boots from Wholesale7
Bag from Micheal Khors ((NEW BABY))

Low quality picture taken in the elevator. I was feeling kind of a rock style. So I throw on a Leather jacket to kind of toughen up the whole look in general, this is not in my comfort zone definately. Although I like going balls to the walls with my fashion or whatsoever you want to call it, this was a new try for me because I never really have the idea of wearing leather jackets. I was so inspired by Talitha, a friend of mine where she ain't afraid to express herself. 

Polka dress from Thailand. 
For shoes, you cannot see, I wore this black ones from k-style me. 
Lipstick by NYX

This dress originally has 2 ribbons at the side of the shoulder which is really cute but I realized it is really not what I go for and so I just cut away the ribbons and leave it with the singlet dress feeling. Most likely wearing this to the airport tomorrow for my morning flight, it is so light weight and easy to throw on, although polka dots was never my sense as well. A new try. 

ART is not enough top from Uniqio
Skirt from H&M
Shoes are the same black ones I wore for the previous one. 
Necklace from Tiff&Co

Let me assume that most of you have seen this outfit, if you read my previous post and on instagram. This was just a really casual outfit I would wear going to a nearby mall, or just having a coffee time with my girlfriend. This is too much for comfort to be counted as a proper outfit, I honestly would sleep in this. I got the shirt from Uniqio for $4.90, seriously, I have never seen uniqio has such crazy sales. So I got 2 shirts both oversized, just in case that I ate that crazy amount of food and it still "food-baby" proof.

Bralet from Wholesale7
Bandage skirt from H&M
Shoes I wore was the minty minimalist heels from Wholesale7. 

This is a typical summer outfit. I live in the sunny singapore, where it is humid and hot like crazy EVERY SINGLE DAY. This is what I wore for a night out. It shows a bit of skin with is okay for me. If you are not confident in just wearing this out of a sudden, possible to wear it with a cardigan or something like this. I am pretty open to wearing bralets if you ask me. Not saying you can wear anything you want and could just go out like this. But, it is a good tasteful of sexiness. 

Just so you guys know, I am going overseas tomorrow. Not bringing my camera but I will try to use my S4 to capture some good images back here and of course what I wore there! and haul will be done after I come back, most likely it is going to be a video because I realised previously it is going to take a whole load of time and edits to type out, and take a picture, ought to just record a video and show you guys what I got. Hope I have a safe trip and I shall talk to you guys soon!

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