Saturday, 28 June 2014

Pokemon Dreams

So I had this really weird dream, I dreamt that I was in a pokemon world. I own Pikachu and a lion type of thing. We were fighting Team rocket, and just all of a sudden, I became part of the team rocket. Then we moved to the jungle and I died. I totally didn't realise it was a dream until I woke up. Is this because I want to be part of the poke world or...... story remains unknown.

BUT HI GUYS, I realised I have not been updating you about my real life, but well actually I do, but in a deeper way, can't help it. So for the whole last week of June Holidays, I had to attend this course for Consumer Research course for my Design subject in school. Honestly, it ate up the rest of my holidays, it SUCKED to the maximum. It wasn't a half day thing, it was 9am-5pm DAILY FROM MONDAY TO FRIDAY. You guys going to be like, Oh celine why didn't you skip it then? There is actually a minimum 80% attendance, and if I did not reach the minimum, I will have to pay the course with full amount, which is about $400. That was crazy so I went.

This course wasn't that beneficial yet because I have yet to imply the skills onto my work or anything. This course made me feel like I am a bad person because I could not understand certain things. I have a friendship barrier within my heart now. I really have, because some things happened and I just didn't want to share. But I guess I will be fine with time, letting the issue fade away as time goes by is by far the best idea I have in mind.

As you guys know, I wasn't often this sad. I keep posting saddening entries on my blog too, just ranting everywhere, hoping to find a shoulder that cares... Its really hard, I even question myself if I placed my trust and love on the correct person.

Enough of all this. Well, I have lots of pictures during AEM, the quality some are quite bad so yeah, pardon your eyes.

my hamster leader

Today, I am going to perform at Singapore's New Sports Hub with the other schools and SCO, singapore chinese orchestra. I haven't seen my juniors in awhile so, I have a lot to tell them and I cannot wait to experience the whole real thing by myself. I was just driven away by the huge hall. Lets hope it will be filled by tonight. I will bring my camera along, because NO MORE LOW QUALITY PICTURES I SAID TO MYSELF.

So yeah.. that it just basically what happened this whole week. Nothing surprising or new, or maybe there are. Just wait patiently guys... until I am comfortable enough to share, please be patient with me.

I love you all, thanks for reading all of this crap.

Quick shout out to Alexi for fetching me home and comforting me when I was at my worse.

and my brother who graduated from his special cadet course!

ig: @nsnceline

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