Monday, 9 June 2014


"Passing by at a quick pace
I wonder how much of a season had already gone?

 Walking through the scenery I’ve become familiar with
Without being able to slip away
From these distant memories alone
 It's like I completely lost my destination
That was the time when I met you.

We met by chance along this road
Even now I can’t forget, ever since that day
Much of the sorrow and anxiety
 I held Everything had been changed
Through the warmth of your memories

 Proud of your love.

Finding two shells Is just like a miracle..
Meeting you once more.

If you're here beside me
 Even the depths of my heart
Would be comfortable with this gentle feeling
 Even if violent rain falls down
And strong winds blow about.

I'll go out to protect this love
 If we're together we can surely overcome all
Could I have thought like that at first?
So I don’t let go of this hand I'll always gaze carefully at time.

We met by chance along this road
 Even now I can’t forget
ever since that day
Things that live on
 things that I believe in
While changing towards happiness,
We’d both walk along together.

Proud of your love."

ig: @nsnceline

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