Thursday, 5 June 2014

Sound Check


Dress from nichii.

Don't be deceived, I do have expensive clothes too. Except for that I enjoy buying cheap clothes. It is just more satisfied to spend less money on something others would have to spend more on it. But this dress was just that exception I could not say no to, the details and quality just made up to every penny I spent on it.

Shoe from pazzion, extremely obsessed with this platform.

Necklace, Tiffany&co. Ok, I am seriously spoilt.

Just as you know guys! my holiday just started, but it is actually not much of a holiday because I have programs going on for this whole week, stretched till Saturday! So pardon that lack of blog, but I am sure during the long-awaited holiday. I will do some productive blogging, and try to somehow improve my language too.

So just the next day it is the official day for the Aesthetic Night Performance. It is my school's performance if you wonder. Just, the whole orchestra have been practicing really hard for this performance. I want to give each and everyone some credit for that because I know how it feels, to work hard for something and hoping all the hard work will be paid off.

Well, it is my second time for Aesthetic Night. Except, I am with a WHOLE different bunch of people. Somehow I am the only senior left in the whole section. The only one that went before with the previous batch seniors as the only junior. The table has turned. Although I have quite some experience in performing with the orchestra. I still feel a little unprepared.

NO HO. Yes we need to apply makeup for the stage and yes, my orchestra has always been "free-style" makeup. Which means we do not have a rule for makeup, or color codes. I think that is the best for me because honestly, I am seriously a sucker when it comes to coloured eyeshadow.

I cannot pull them off.

My girls

But YES, I am still excited for that part because I feel that, my section - Zhong Ruan 's style has never changed ever since I got into the orchestra. We are bunch of thick-skinned people, not fearful of words and sarcasm // irritation is our forte. I guess that is how we all just snap like a... idk.

Anyways! I uploaded another tutorial or whatever shit you like to call that on youtube. I guess the second attempt is always better than the first one. Took me freaking 3 hours to edit the whole video.

My patience was brought to the test, seriously.

So I guess I was really just blown away how much things I have to consider when I upload the video. Judge me all you want.

NEXT THING, I will be showing you a series of photos hopefully by Saturday Morning, of the Aesthetic Night day, which is tomorrow.

I love y'all.


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