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what guys love to see girls wear

Girls, this is your lucky day. I am going to tell you..


I am a girl, but hey, I do have guy friends. I asked some of them and the survey is out. Curious? Continue reading.

As a girl, we always get insecure about what we are going to wear out and stuff like this blah blah blah, we all get this already but HOW to dress to impress someone, or whoever you might want to impress.

First off, being lazy is not a choice. If you are lazy to even wash up, girl you got some serious problem over there. Make sure you have proper hygiene if not it will definitely be a turn off.Well, that basic right. If a guy turns up without showering, what will you be thinking? It's the same, so keep it that way, you want that, you have to do it first.

Second off, I am not pressurizing any girls to put on makeup just because you read this blog post or anything. But neatly groomed eyebrows and less discolouration will be a plus. So you look more alert and more proper. NOT SAYING YOU HAVE TO PUT ON CRAZY AMOUNT OF MAKEUP. Maybe a little lip gloss if you would like. Try to avoid using shiny lipsticks or lipgloss, it may look a little... yeah you know. When he wants to kiss you.

Third, always be yourself. Of course, if you are a slob, comon girl if you want to impress, change it because being a slob is definitely a choice. Put some effort, you are beautiful.

SO, What does guys generally like girls to wear?

1st. Dresses

I get this a lot. Not sure why but for today I am going to throw away my female hormones and try to be in the guy's opinion. When a girl wears a dress, it shows off the feminine part of them. The dress will hug you at the right place giving you some figure while not showing everything out. It is a really tasteful type of thing. Dresses can make some girls look extremely good because it kind of expresses cuteness yet sexiness due to the fact that some dresses are shorter. There are many type of dresses so, it is really up to what type of dresses.

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Some guys like the really classic black dresses, some love cute little floral dresses, while some like long elegant maxi dresses. Every guy varies but honestly dresses make your body type look flattering.

2nd, Jeans.

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I personally hate jeans a lot but. Jeans is a very typical casual type of outfit many girls can pull off, but those who can pull it off perfectly. It shows off the best booty shape you have. this is most likely the reason why many guys actually enjoy seeing their girls with jeans. Jeans is so easy to pair with and the most popular one is, jeans and singlet. After a cover up on the legs, there will be a bitter sweet taste seeing your shoulders.

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Some girls may not be comfortable showing off your shoulders. of course you can wear like a cardigan or jacket to cover a little. Let it hang a little loose so when the wind hits it, amazing sight.

3rd, his sweater.

Let get real here, every guy will want his girl to be real proper, feminine, graceful, but also comfortable and fun. Wearing his sweater or hoodie can make him feel like you are a fun person and also make him feel that he is much closer to you. Oh ya girls, have a signature perfume or detergent, or rather every girl have their own type of smell. Wearing their hoodies can make it smell like you. He will love it till death I guess.
Guys often want a girl that can be real fun with you both are together. Wearing his clothing can also make him feel more comfortable seeing you.

4th, go natural.

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As much as they like this, men in general are visual animals. They see and they wonder, I mean both sex judge by the looks first but if you want to attract and capture their attention at first sight. Like I said, grooming eyebrows can make a huge difference because it frames your eyes and make it look more alert and happier and sometimes make it sexier.

Wearing a pinkish lipstick can trick people into thinking you have pouter lips. Red lipstick often shows power so, I do not recommend that, although some guys think it is sexy to have matt red lip, to show confidence and expressiveness. As long you are comfortable,do it.


End... not sure if accurate but, let's hope it did help somebody out there to boost some mental disclosures.

Guys, if you are reading this, tell me how true this is! email, text, twitter, instagram. I want to hear your opinions too!

Thank you for reading, hope you guys like this type of post. Because honestly, it was fun doing this post.

love you~
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