Monday, 7 July 2014

cuisinière w spicy rice cake

What a good morning to post about food to make all of you hungry. It is raining outside and I am playing my jam since 3 days ago. Perfect timing to show you all how to make some Spicy Rice Cake. It is a Korean dish, well, it is up to you if you want to continue seeing.

DISCLAIMER: I came up with this myself, or rather it is suppose to do it this way. If you have food poisoning, blame your kitchen and not me okay.

So, you will need to buy some Korean Rice Cake, you can get it at the NTUC or some other grocery store. But I got mine at a Korean Mart. There are 2 types of Rice Cake you can choose from, the long one or the flat one like mine. Both works the same. The sauce, chicken and ramen ( optional ), eggs, onion.

Firstly, you have to get a huge bucket and add COLD water. Soak the Rice Cake for about 20-30minutes.

While you soak, get 2 eggs, go ahead and hard boil it with boiling water. Oh do you guys have this problem where you undercook your hard boil egg, where the inner part of the egg is still undone, I always have this problem, so I usually let it boil for about 15mins JUST to make sure it is done.

Peel the onion and slice them into reasonable sizes but DO NOT DICE.

After you get your eggs, cook your ramen (( this is optional )), I just like adding ramen inside my Spicy Rice Cake so I can have more to eat.

You can add Chicken or Pork into the whole mix, so just cut up into smaller pieces like this. I am adding chicken. And I am not sorry if you think raw chicken looks disgusting, it is something you eat ok~

After preparing all of this, you are finally to mix everything. Take a huge pan, and start heating it up. After it heats up, add around 1.5 cup of water and add your drained rice cake.

Slowly gradually add the sauce into the mix, and stir it occasionally.

After that you can add in your cooked ramen and chicken and whatever you prepared extra, EXCEPT FOR THE EGGS. Put all into the pan and stir until the sauce become a little sticky.

And.. I forgot to take a picture when I serve so, here is the final look, before I ate every single piece.

Hope this might help you somewhere some point in life. Surprise surprise, Celine can actually cook. Yeap, I can just not always and not often and not confident enough sometimes.

I love you!

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